Monday, November 22, 2004

i just want you to know

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i've found a reason for me....
to change who i used to be....
a reason to start over new....
and the reason is you....

that song is sriving me nuts....!!!!!!

can't seem to get it out of my head!!
ya know, i've been thinking about this blogging business, and i've come to the conclusion that it's impractical to write baout everythign i mean EVERYTHING that happens to me... maybe i've been rathger late about this realization. hehe.

anyways, about today.

i found vibha's copy of "life of pi" a while back. damn she's hard to cath hold of... never returns calls, so you can imagine.
and some half finished conversation had me believing that i could return the thing after college got over... highly mistaken about that i was. turns out she's taken up an honours course. and she didn't bother tellign me. sure it may have slipped her mind.. but i mean a little warning maybe!?? so i end up wasting my day all for nothing. guess i still "cary a torch for her" as i heard somewhere....

btu there's a cvertain "jigisha mistry" to worry about coz she has a book f mine and havn't seen nor heard from her for quite a bit ( is a couple of months "quite abit"?) neve rmind that... guess i'll get in touch with her someday..

oh well.. that's all i have the stamina for...

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Michael Moore rocks

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Finally get time to watch his Farenheit 9/11. must say he has done a wonderful job with the movie. a lot has been said about it, and becouse i'm very sleepy, i'm gonna say, hats off to you, Mr. Moore. i'm with you all the way.

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Friday, November 05, 2004


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woke up at 5:00 am today for class. major bore. we had a new professor who doesn't know squat. so afterthat, i went the nearest cafe. met a very interesting cute girl. i was reading this book called the bluest eye by Nobel laurate Toni Morrisson. she's read it and was quite impressed i was reading it. (and you thought being bookish never helps!) we talked for a while. she said that she loved reading. never met a guy who loved to read. got her number after a bit. lets see if this works out!
rigt now i'm back at my aunt's place. everyone's out. got the whole house to myself. think i'm gonna watch a movie today. maybe farenheit 9/11. cheers!!

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this day sucks

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okay maybe not totally sucky. but still quite bad nonetheless. i was stuck in my study (which has become quite a dingy affair coz all the old trash from the cupboards everywhere has wound up on my studyfloor. why? just coz there's space.) anyways, i was at it all morning doing force equations, so i felt i quite deserved the 1 hour break i took to play ZUMA (download it from it's WAAY cool. and adictive) but my mom just happens to come back home at that very instant and i have to go marching straight back up to my room to study some more. but on the bright side, i pulled out an old broken down SONY walkman of mine and tried to take it apart. maybe it got scared (clive cussler wrote "deep down, all machinery has a fear of being wrecked(sic)") but this time, it was pumping out my music quite nicely. so i guess i can look forward to somethign else besides a walkman this diwali. maybe a discman. :D
anyways, it's quite latenow, so i'm gonna go sleep. i'm at my aunt's house coz i have to get real early for classes tomorrow. so ciao!

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my first blog.

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well, this is it. how do you start a new blog?? how do i start a written record of my life 17 years after i'm born? lot so of stuff happens till then.

lets see.. i'm Mihir.
i graced the world with my presence on 17th of may, 1987. that was in a hospital in borivali, Bombay (i think mumbai is a sucky name). that's a city in india for the ignorant ones reading this. i dont remember much of my life before i was 7. come to think of it, i think my life before i was 7 is a complete blank in my mind.

more about me... i LOVE reading. i dont mean i like reading. i mean LOVE. (anyone got a job where i can read all day?). my personla collection of books is currently touching 200+ and that's not including me kiddie books like enid blytons, nancy drews hardy boys and the like. i usually get my books from Crossword Book
Store, Or from the Streets at churchgate. but i'm not particular.
my favorite book has to be Arthur C. Clarke's "Rama Revealed". genre : scifi.
it's not juts scifi. it's got loads of politics, religion, philosophy, and quite a lot of stuff (Arthur C. Clarke rocks!!!)

my other interest is music. i mostly listen to anything without vocals. (i think it takes an exceptional voice to sound good while singing.) so i've mostly been sticking with techno, trance, dance, rave. the few singers i do like are norah jones, avril lavigne, goerge micheal, enya, and a few other one hit wonders who could never find another song to match their voices. and before anyone asks, i hate the way the beatles sound. i can imagine all their songs being sung with a better voice.

three best things in life are coffee, books and music. and i love my coffee. (italian espressos only you pansies)

i love a good joke.

about my familly. i live in a joint family. my dad and his brother's. we have a couple of two storied bungalows. the older one's been converted into a commercial premises. that's where my mom and aunt run a salwar kameez and kaftaan manufacturing busines. they make stuff for exporters in bombay. my dad's an architect, my uncle's an interior decorator. the kids in the house are me, my brother Rutwik(age 11), my cousins (sister, age 16 and brother, age 10) and our paternal grandmother.

we have a couple of parrots at home. we call them Mr. Bean and Mr. Paul. Just because. and we have this cute cudly adorable alsatian puppy we call Kiro-D. D is for Dawg. actully, he's a year old now, so he's quite grown up. but he's a puppy to me all the same. :D

right now, our house is being repainted, and i'm stuck in my room all day with kiro. he's quite okay as long as he has something to chew at. sad thing is, he's been eyeing my toes for the last one hour, so i'm wearing shoes. i should probaly get him
his lunch now.

thse days, the vactions are on, and that means i have to be studying. and by god have i done enough of that! i'm doing my First Year BSc in computer science from KC College (mumbai), but the extra studying is being done for next year's engineering entrance. big bore in this rat race i say.

i usually spend my time reading (you must have guessed) or surfing on my phone (i'm getting free GPRS!!!) or watching Ranma 1/2. i've got only 21 episodes, butth ey are TOO good. those of you who don;t know, you;'re missing out on a lot. tyr doing a google search for it.

right now, the latest book i;m reading is clive cussler's shockwave. damn good. i love him better than i love robert ludlum.

i suppose that's all about me.

bye now. i'm off to have lunch!!!

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