Friday, December 29, 2006

The Era of the Cookies!

I love cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, honey crunch oatmeal, toffy coffy, cookies with a hint of mint, cookies with jam, blueberry cookies, cookies called biscuit, biscuit called cookies.... Cookies are like the next best thing since sliced bread.

But ever wondered what was so good before sliced bread came along? Maybe people used to marvel cooked food.

Back to important things... cookies are funtamental to the overall growth and development of the human race. Wanna know how? Well.. think of it this way... Your kid is crying... what do you do? give him / her a cookie. She's happy, you can work in peace, and your child doens't grow up with a "my-parents-didnt-love-me-enough" complex, and thus, when he / she grows up, will stay away from booze, drugs, illicit sex, organized crime and wearing checks on stripes... ya know... the most horrible things people associate with mentally deranged people.

Cookies also support our entire economy. How? I'll tell you how... Imagine a huge supersale at the mall.. now You're runnning all around tryin to buy the stuff you want, before someone else grabs it. Wel... if you're not buying, then maybe your daughter is dragging you along...

So there you are... runnin all around, and obvisouly tired from carrying all those shoes and skirts, right? so what do you do? Think! Think! Now, running around obviously leaves you with no room for butter chicken with roomali roti, right? So what's the best option! That's right! Cookies!!! Just grab one and munch it along the way... tasty, portable, and filled with energy giving sugars. :)

Still not convinced? I'll give you another reason why cookies are so great. Cookies helped make sure the space program got off the drawing board.

How so? Simple. The engineers, workin hard at their desks, dont' find time to eat normal food at home with their family... NASA must be like lockin them in for the top secret stuff they're doing... so what do they eat while they're working? Not lasagne... It needs two hands to eat. Not burgers... the mayo will spill. Not even sandwiches... sandwiches are liable to fall apart on the drawings... You get the idea now... Cookies. Fun, fulfilling, non greasy cookies. The worst they do is leave behind cookie crumbs that can be dusted away without leaving a trace.

All hail the era of the cookie!!! 

Monday, December 04, 2006

Underneath the walnut tree....

Underneath the walnut tree...
Where you said, you'd wait for me...
And I waited a long, long time...
I waited a long, long time...
I waited a long, long time...

Maybe it's been to long, but I think I've grown up, seen the truth and and I'm gonna stop waiting now. :)


Thursday, June 01, 2006

taurius1 is

I'm baaack ! ^_^

I'm too bugged with my regular blog..

Check it out if you want. ^_^

Hm... my life... My life as a teenage whatchamaycallit.

Life is beautiful~*

Bah. I'm not coherent here. :(

Maybe I'll spill my guts some other time. :)

ciao. ^_^

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