Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fwd: rub a dub dub in a tub. ^_^

on the superstar libra. finally. i'm so glad i skipped my exams. :)
and reportedly, ajay devgan's on the boat. my camera's doing the
reporting for me now. :) the ship's nice... and huge! i don't think
i'll get too bored too easily. there's lots of places to hide from my
family. the safety drill was fun. wel... maybe not... but it's nice to
know that i already know what they want to tell me about ship safety.

rub a dub dub in a tub. ^_^

on the superstar libra. finally. i'm so glad i skipped my exams. :)
and reportedly, ajay devgan's on the boat. my camera's doing the
reporting for me now. :) the ship's nice... and huge! i don't think
i'll get too bored too easily. there's lots of places to hide and get
away from the family. :) worst comes to worst, i'll spend a lot on the
credit card thingie they gave me. :) i'll write more later. have to
upload these photos now. ^_^

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hopity Hop!!!

ME and my friend were talkin about the way I am, and stuff.. and during the course of the conversation, she broke it to me that I wasn't an ostrich. So, I was thinking about alternate choices. I thought about being a kangaroo. Those guys hop... and they hop.. and the hop... :)
Monkeys hop too, she pointed out. But then I said that monkeys poke their nose in public, and that would be embarrassing. Moreover, kangaroos get to wear cool boxing gloves and Ray Bans. I saw it in a movie... so I know it's true. :) The icing on the cake is that being a kangaroo, I'll be in Australia. That means Beaches. And Australian beaches means girls in bikinis. I didn't have to think much more about it. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here's something I realised in the shower this morning...


no matter how much I grow up

no matter how wise I'll ever get

at the end of the day

I'm just a kid...


Makes me kinda wonder how it's every possible to go through life without makin obscenely devastating mistakes... When I'm growin up, and fate hands me a katana to clear a path through the the jungles of the unknown future, it's tough when you have to use that same steel to get rid of others in your way...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wedgies, anyone?

 Image Hosted by


Normal wedgies, Gang wedgies, Atomic wedgies, Public wedgies… The wedgie's an unpublicized institution. There are tricks, there's technique, there's cult initiations. There even exist wedgie rating sites on the internet. (email me if you're jobless enough to want to go there…)

Wikipedia describes a wedgie as what happens when a person's undergarments get bunched up and "ride up" between the buttocks, causing discomfort and annoyance. Now that I have the science out of the way, lets move on to the human side of the discussion…

I've never had wedgies. I always buy quality underwear that fits. Seriously. More people should try it.

Now I know, and you know, that when Wikipedia says that there's discomfort and annoyance, they're just being politely subtle about it. It's one of the most uncomfortable things ever! And which is worse.... letting everyone see you fix your wedged underwear or letting the wedgie remain? Politeness and general decency demands you retire to a private place, preferably a rest room of some sort, and fix it and walk back out. But then again, not all places come equipped with a convenient aforementioned secluded place now, do they? You'll have to grin and bear it till you actually do manage to get some privacy. Atleast that's the working theory. Most people can't seem to agree with it, though. There's plenty of picking between bums on any bus ride I'm on.

I bet Cavemen never had this problem. Cavemen didn't even have to bother with VPL, I expect. Or maybe they got loin cloth wedgies. But they never had any trouble with manners. I suppose they just picked them right out there and then. Their code of decency probably demanded it among other things like picking their noses and farting and slaughtering cattle at the dinner table.

Hmmm... I wonder how I'd look in a loincloth?...

Thank You

Thanks to jaguarnac for the espresso and cookies. It really meant a lot to me. Thanks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick of this...

More angst from my life... this was written this morning... when I was havin no luck gettin in touch with miss X and her friend.


Sick Of This

I'm sick of this, plain and simple.

Sick of users, liars, and fairweather friends.

Sick of it all.

I grow tired of this life.

Yet I go on, hoping to find the one who can prove me wrong.

I'm sick of being right.

The Unbelonged...


I've screwed stuff between me and my girl friends. Not girl friends. Girl type friends. I have to start paying attention to what I say now. What I said yesterday... it's hurting more than I thought it would. What's worse is that I'm not getting a chanec to applogise at all. The certain miss "X" I was talkin about... I atleast got a mail reply from her. There's some closure there. But her friend, my friend, call her Avril, call her Susan, call her Q if you like anyof the names, or don't call her at all. Point is, she's pissed at me too.

And she's refusing to pick my calls up too. >_< I wonder how I'm to ever sort things out with people who don't want to talk???

Norah Jones writes good music. I dunno what I'd be doin without her.

I've begun to clear a few misconcetions of mine... Everytime I start being too confortable with my friends, and try being myself among them, something backfires, and I end up being criticised for the stuff I do. Yesterday's event being the worst ever. Makes me wonder if there's something fundamentally wrong with the way I think. I'm proud of the way I am. Illogical and outrageous comments included. It's just sad that too many people take things too seriously. I've decided to just stop talkin too much to people. It'll save me the trouble of tryin to fit in, and it'll save other people the trouble of having to understand me. And keep them from getting hurt.

Just when I thought people were accepting me for who I was, the way I think, and the stuff I do, I find out otherwise. I seem doomed to never stop saying the wrong things, just coz I think I can be myself for a change.

The last time I lost a friend coz of something like this was in the 11th grade... We were pretty good friends. We'd never actually met.. we'd been talkin online for about a couple of months, and we'd hit it off beautifully. I never quite rememebred which city she was from... Well... as it happend, we were talkin about relationships, and how she was goin out with 3 guys at the time. I found it rather strange, and I simply put it in my usualy way of putting things... I said it in a short, outrageously exagerated way. I simply asked her, "And how do you feel about whoring your emotions out to 3 guys at the same time?" She found it offensive. I'd always talked like that with her. About any and all subjects. If I could exagerate a topic, I did it. More so with words that blow the issue out of proportion. Well... the point is she took offence... I never managed to patch things up with her. I have no idea where she is, or what she's doin now...

I'd closed up after that incident... I'd stopped letting myself open up to others... I'd stopped letting people know who I really am. I'd stopped letting myself like my friends too much. That changed when I started Engineering College. I tried to socialise. I tried to be part of the group. I never quite managed it. I don't think I was ever really too much of a part of any group in class save for one or two... But I was there. Usually silent and non contributive, but I was there... I slowly let myself like them more and more... I actually had illusions of grandeur and popularity amongst them. I thought they'd started to like me for who I am too... I thought it was alright to let my defences down for a while and just be myself... relax a bit... finally able to not fight against myself all the time I'm with other people...

I saw the result of that yesterday. I can't afford to keep pushing my friends away just coz we're brought up differently. The fact that I've grown up with an obscenely liberated view of things... I've grown up rejecting censorship of any and all kinds... I've grown up with a very detached view of most controversial and shocking things... Not too many people share my viewpoint. And once again, just as I've led myself to believe that I've found people who I could be myself around, I've been cast out, for the simple unchangable fact that I'm different. I can't blame them. It's the rule of nature... Birds of a feather and all that crap...

Here's a poem I read a few years ago....



where should i begin?
there's so much i want
to voice,

to say

to get out
but i'm afraid
of people

turning away

in disgust
or maybe,
maybe i'd welcome it

welcome the pain

they'd give me
i'm used to being ignored
to being hated


called names
in fact,
i know not much

outside of curses

and betrayal
each time i cry,
each time i bleed,

i further my reasons

for living
so you take
away my blade,

claiming that

it will heal me
so you silence
those who hate me,

claiming that

it will fullfil me
you're wrong,

oh so wrong

what am i without pain?
what am i
when i'm smiling,

for real,

not feigning it?
i am a mask
a reflection

the opposite of

who i really am
if you gave me
this so called 'happiness',

i would falter

and fade
my unhappiness
is what makes me


without it,
i'm nothing.
just another person,

made from the mold

would you honestly
take that from me?
could you

destroy me

so easily?


this is all i know,
all i care to know.

and all that

i will accept
once you try
to make me happy,

i'll push you away

curse you for such
unfamiliar behaviour
the pain i know

is the pain i cause;

it is different
than the pain
i receive from others

that pain hurts,

leaves me empty
and asking for more
to be full...

i can't have it,

not with you
you complete me,
only to take my

soul out of me,

to leave me
kissing your feet,

begging for more.

do i really want to
be at that level?
don't make me happy

don't even try.

you'll just kill me.
you'd want that

wouldn't you?

at least then,
i'd be out of the way

don't make me happy,

don't make me happy.
just let me cry,

just let me bleed,

just let me feel pain,
just let...

let me be unhappy

for it's all i know,
all i care to know
i don't like change

don't make me happy

don't hurt me...

- mindie bolce



HM... X's friend called up just now... Thank goodness... I've got closure. Atleast I can sleep easy now. Lets see what this entire ordeal's done to me... I've been frustrated and tense all the time since last night... More so when X and her friend were not willing to listen to me. I've stayed up till 3 AM, then woke up again at about 4:30... finally wrote a poem (I've published it in my previous post...) Went to sleep again... woke up at 9 am. Time drags on... I do my chores... Bathing, takin Kiro out for a walk, cleanin up my room, sortin out my mp3 collection... anything to keep my busy... I've been listenin to Sandi Thom and Norah Jones ever since. Nothing else. Nothing. Anything else makes me angsty all over again... I didnt have breakfast, I skipped lunch.... I finally got frustrated with my thougths and tried to go to sleep... Was listenin to my slow music tio keep my mind off things...

At the end of the day, I'm much more composed and at ease, coz I've atleast been granted the dignity of a civilized reply. From both girls.

I'm goin to sleep now. I'll be able to sleep moderately well. Thank god I've got friends with smart heads on their shoulders.

Here's another thing I've realised... Silver Lining? Who needs it? I got lots of friends who care about me.

I'll still be me tomorrow...

 I wrote this in the morning, when I was havin trouble sleeping... Just a reflection of the kind of 
thoughts going on in my mind at that time... 
I've certainly screwed up situations in my life for the moment. >_<>_<

I'll still be me tomorrow...

I am only flesh and blood
A living, breathing apprehension.
Excuse me if I cannot be
The epitome of glory
In my every waking moment.

Go ahead and judge me
Like a horse brought to the fair.
Suppose my coat’s not bright enough
Or my tricks are getting old
I suppose I’ll settle for second best, if you’ll only let me.

So tell me who I’m supposed to be
Go ahead, just label me.
Since apparently I’m wrong
After all, I hurt you, right?
So go ahead, just spit it out.

Don’t worry, if you want to win
I’ll pretend to be the “bad guy”.
Cast me any way you like
But whatever the label is
I’ll still be me tomorrow.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word?

Today was rather filled with mixed feelings. Two major events. 1: Went to Inorbit Mall with me cousin. We had fun. Until about 8:30 pm. That was when I got some spare time to myself to let myself think for a bit. That's where even number two comes in. I think I said something I shouldn't have.

Here's the entire story from the begining. College Rose Day is coming up. A certain good friend of mine... lets call her "X".. wel... she  expects roses from all of us guys. Individually. I don't have any problems with that. Money's usually never an Issue for me. But Rahul said that Rs 60 per person was a ridiculous amount to spend on roses and stuff. And I agree. I can buy better and more meaningful gifts with that money. I've always hated the idea of Rose day. I'ev always made my own flowers anyway. Well... that eveneing, while we were goin home, Rahul was gonna do the final bit about the registrations and stuff for the roses. X was handling the registrations, and she was rather insistant that we present individual roses.

I thought I'd mess with X's head a bit, and throw in a few accusations about how she expects these measly roses from me (among the other guys) despite the fact that I'm always more than happy to keep treating her, and everyone else... food, chocolates, books... you name it. She said that laughed it off, and then said that she wanted a red rose from everyone. That's when something inside me clicked. It clicked real bad. I was like, "If she loved the idea of rose day so much, what's the point in demanding Red roses, that so cutely symbolise Love? It's rather obscene, in my book. On the other hand, if she's casual about it, why bother with it so much anyways?" In short, it just seemed kinda hyppocritical. So I said bluntly, "What's the point? I'm not even sleeping with you guys."

Well... I didn't think twice about sayin that. I never do. I love saying things for shock value. I didn't think about it until about 8:30 pm today. I was thinking about what I said, I was thinking that it's been a long time since I've been back answering people with any sexual innuendo in my answers... It felt good. But then I rememberd a certain SMS I'd sent to her. It was something sex related. She replied sayin that she didn't appreciate messages of that kind. That's when it hit me. I don't think she'd appreciated my little comment too much.

Right now, I'm havin trouble sleeping, just thinking about what must be goin on in her mind right now. *sigh* God knows what kind of damange control I'll have to do tomorrow. >_< God knows what kind of damage has been done already. >_<

Bleh. The things a thoughtless comment does. No wonder I gave it up in the 11th. It hurts me too much hurting other people... God knows how they must feel. >_<

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Bloody Valentine

Here's a Poem I'd written when I was in the 10th.

A few hours a day.

A few hours a day,
Five days a week.
Without those few hours,
My days are so bleak.

How can it be
That it was true?
How could I ever think
That I could be loved by you?

I don't know the answer,
But somehow I did.
I loved your hair, your eyes
And all the crazy things you did.

A few hours a day,
Five days out of seven.
With only a thought of you
My soul sours to heaven.

The music you played,
I wanted it just for me.
When our eyes meet
All words escape me.

Maybe you didn't care,
Or maybe you just didn't see
All that times that
I looked to you so lovingly.

A few hours today
And a few more tomorrow.
Then two days come
To bring me sorrow.

Once or twice a week
I see you work your magic.
This story's just begun,
Please don't make the ending tragic.

If those few hours
Are to you what they are to me:
Please tell me now,
Or just let it be.

A few hours a day,
Five days a week.
But to ruin it now
Is not what I seek.

It's comfortable, it's easy.
I don't want it all to change.
I know all too well,
That now it cannot stay the same.

I've gone to far,
I've pushed to much.
This is how far I'll go
To feel your loving touch.

A few hours a day
A hello and a goodbye.
A smile so sweet,
I think I might die.

I'm sorry to be so upfront,
I hope I haven't frightened you-
That is something
That I never meant to do.

There is something
That I simply must say:
Though I hardly know you
I care for you more every day.

A few hours a day
Just isn't enough.
But when I'm with you
An eternity doesn't feel like much.

It's been a long time now, and I'm over it... But sometimes, I can't help but feel sad about all the stupid things that happen for no good reason at all... I don't wanna break down on my blog here,  so I'll just publish that poem. I never got around to giving it to the person who it was written for.  >_<

Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 09, 2007

the truth of life.

Music's beautiful. There's something profoundly good about a well composed melody that transcends all different schools of thought and emotion... I'll be damned if I ever figure out what makes music so special. Atleast to me. Sometimes, there's nothing I wanna do more than keep listening to my music, endlessly, forgetting every other concern... Music is the balm for the aching heart. Music fuels revolutions.
Music is the last salvation of the damned. Music damns the soul. Music 
has the power to make and break a people... Music is all that's been 
said about it, and it's nothing like what you hear about it. Music in 
a frivolous activity, and music is more fundametal to the human psyche 
than breathing. Breathing, to me, is mere mechanical necessity. You 
take your breathing for granted before you even start forming coherent 
memories that last you your life. Music, on the other hand... you can keep away from Music and 
that very experience reminds you of how powerful music is. It will 
remind you that music's just about engraved into the material of our 
persons... even without the presence of any formal music, one can 
never help the occasion or melody from occupying his or her mind for a 
I am still in awe of whatever it is that led to the existence and 
development, and nurturing of this force of nature. 
Right now, I'm listening to my music, as a way of distracting myself 
from the little speech we're being given during our inaugration 
ceremony. The chief guest's making some rather valid points about the 
redundancy of our syllabus. 

As as side note, R.E.M's Hope is a beautiful song. I've loved the song for a long time
now... but I just noticed how wonderful the lyrics are this morning.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coz I Got High...

I used to pride myself for never falling sick. When everyone else was
down with hay fever, I used to hop skip and jump merrily along without
so much as a sniffle. That's changed over the last couple of years...
Once upon a time, I had a cast iron stomach that could let me eat
anything. Now, I get a runny nose every time I have any kind of street
food. I don't know how it started. But it just did. I actually have to
plan my junk food binges now.
I had a samosa pav a few days ago. The very next evening, I have a
runny nose. >_< If that wasn't enough, I was going to develop a fever
too. A bit of running around the college put a stop to that. I've
found nothing better to kill a fever in it's infancy than some
streneous exercise. A fever, and a blocked up nose. Anyway... I went
to bed last night sans the air conditioner. That usually always gets
rid of my coughing. But that night, it didn't.

I woke up with a bad cough, so I took my bottle of Glycodin with me to college. Whevever my coughing became too bad, I took a bit. I soon finshed the bottle off. By lunch time, I was high. I was literally flying everywhere. Especially when I was runing down the staircase. That was awesome. Rahul found it amusing that I managed to get high on cough syrup. Swati... I dunno what she thought. She probably thinks it's another one of my kooky things. Meenkshi seemed to be outright disgusted. Atleast that's the impression I got when I was talkin with her. It's not exactly like I planned this. <_< Meghna seemed to take it in her stride, as she does with all things, and told me to go home.

The thing wore off after like 4~5 hours. It was fun while it lasted. And it made me think. Now, I've been scared of doing drugs. I mean the "real" stuff... the knocks-you-out-of-your-senses-off-the-streets-puts-you-in-jail-for-having-it kinda stuff. If what I felt today was even an inkling of what I'd feel if I tried those, I can see why drug addiction's so tough to kill. Even I find the lure of oblivion very seductive. But I don't think I'll be trying drugs any time too soon. Why?

The biggest high I've ever had is life itself. There are special moments in my life, that can't be compared to anything I've felt before, when I've been drunk, high on caffiene, high on sugar, high on glycodin... :P Point is, I don't need a substance to feel good about life. :) Moments like... when a cute girl smiles at me for helping her out... Or how my heart skips a beat when that special someone's calling me up... or that unmatched feeling of serenity at the top of a deserted hill, overlooking a lush green valley, on a foggy june morning.... Like when I'm sitting at the beach with a loved one, sharing a glorious sunset that's just like the others that came before, and is yet unique in a certain way... Moments like those are unbeatable.

Is it made of... Wood? O_O

Today, I made three new friends, and cut them up.

Mr Plank, Mr Piece of Wood, and Mr Wood That Doesn't Know What To Call Himself So I'm Not Calling Him Anything Either.



Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I took meenakshi's advice and skipped coffee last night. I collapsed
into my bed the moment I came home. >_< Mom had to wake me up for
dinner. I'm glad she did. I hadn't had a single decent meal the entire
day. After dinner, after kiro's walk, I went right back to bed. That
was at about 11 pm. And I slept. And I woke up at 4.20 am. >_<
Although it's as long as I usually sleep, I felt oddly refreshed.
Maybe it was the lack of coffee that did it.

Image Hosted by

Maybe it was all the running about from yesterday. Whatever it was, it
was peaceful. The only other place that I know of where I can sleep so
soundly is at my uncle's place, at prabhadevi. Most people don't
realise what it means to have a good night sleep. most don't even have
the right bed. I think I've found it. ^_^
Bah. There I go, rambling again. The main topic of this post is my
dream. I had another one. wasn't expecting it so soon. >_<

It started out normally enough. It had elements from my life... my
recent past, and my distant past. and quite a bit of made up stuff as
well... I'd invited a girl out for dinner. I had it all planned out.
It was a nice oriental place, with awesome ramen. It was located near
a Starbucks. which is funny, coz there isn't any starbucks in Mumbai.
>_< The dream started at the foot of a flight of stairs. Wooden
stairs. Or atleast they looked wooden.

The staircase was set outside the building, along a wall. It didn't
have a guard rail of any kind. The lighting was rather dim. The
illumination was barely sufficient to give the entire setting a nice,
quaint feeling. I don't remember what I was wearing. But my date was
looking... beautiful. She was wearing a black cocktail dress, halter
style, asymmetric skirt till the knees, and black heeled sandals. I
remember seeing a pendant of some kind...

It was a teardrop, made of platinum, maybe. She also wore matching
earrings. The only other accessory she had was a black clutch purse,
bordered by a hint of silver. The minimalistic jewellery looked
elegant on her petite frame. I smiled. She smiled. I took her hand and
we walked up the stairs. I opened the door and let her go in. I stayed
by the door. The place was classy, rest assured. When you're going out
with me, it'll aways be a good place.

The entire place looked like some kind of private clubhouse. The
expensive furniture, the monogramed napkins, the dim lights that
managed to preserve the illusion of privacy at each table. My family
was there, strangely enough. A table set for 8 on one side for the
elders. And one set for 6 on the other for the kids. There didn't seen
to be anyone else dining that evening. I stayed by the door.

I think I stayed by the door for the rest of the evening. My date
walked on inside. The maitre'd seated her beside my family. She was
surprised. She's never met my family before. My family was surprised.
They never expected to see a stranger seated at their table. For some
weird reason, I wasn't surprised. It's like I was the only one who
knew about this, and conveniently forgot to tell both my family and my
date. >_<

A few words were exchanged. Somehow everyone figured out what was
going on. An aunt and uncle very conveniently had just finished dinner
and disappeared. I guess it's just by well... they'd probably have
started creating a ruccus of some sort about it. Atleast that aunt
always does.
A cousin of mind cheered me, in the way guys do when another guy's got
a beautiful girl by hir side. Another of my aunts gave me a
why-are-you-being-so-naughty look.

She said, "You should not have done this." But it was all in jest. I
could tell. At the end of the day, everyone was happy, we had a nice
meal, and I think I did find myself seated beside my date. Eventally.
Don't know when it happened.

So... that was my dream. I have no idea what to make of it. I usually
never do. The weirdest part is that this was supposed to be only the
Second date.

I don't think I'll ever be crazy enough to think of dinner with family
as a second date. >_<

Today's another round of publicity for the college festival. I must be
the only one who doesn't get too bored with it. Maybe it's coz I'm
used to travelling long distances. ^_^ I should conclude this blog
entry now. Swati's calling me. >_<

Saturday, February 03, 2007

i wish i was your someone...

was writing something very pseudo profound, but i got a call while i
was doing it. so all the text got wiped out. >_< today was rather
dull. i should stick to doing my own stuff for fun. but i did watch
The Butterfly Effect. awesome movie. i've been thinking a lot this
evening. not just coz of the movie. i've been thinking a lot lately.
dunno why. maybe the loneliness is starting to kick in with it's
confusing emotions.

what's the point of all this thinking? i don't know. i love thinking
about my life. i'm still searching for the one revelation that will
make everything make sense. *sigh* what i'd give to know! but part of
the fun in life is not knowing, right? ;) like not knowing the next
time i'm gonna feel like taking a long walk. not knowing who i'm gonna
fall in love with next.

like why i try to sustain any kind of lovey dovey feelings i develop
for girls who i know are going to be impossible to work things out
with... maybe i'm just addicted to being in love. it certainly has
it's high. and it's always been worth it. but today, i'm not feeling
so sure. in the 7th grade, o teacher gave me a gem of advice... Man
is not an Island unto himself. i'd never thought about it too much
till now.

i've opened up to friends. i've made more friends. i've tried doing
stuff that most kids like. i've grown to like doing stuff i can
discuss with others. i've grown to like being with people. i've grown
to like having friends who know stuff about me. the scary part is,
that i can't bear to be without someone anymore. i hate being
disconnected from my friends. maybe that's why i'm always the one
making the calls.

maybe i need my friends more than they need me. i've always been
rather touchy about staying in touch. it wrenches my insides into a
mess when someone doesn't reply or call up. from what i've seen, most
other kids my age take it in their stride. it's almost as if they don't mind friends not returning calls, or slipping out of touch. scary. i've forced myself to let go of some friends. quite a fewfriends, actually.

i've had to let go of some awesome persons just coz they were too
lazy, or too busy, or too stingy to keep in touch. or maybe i've never been important enough in most people's lives for them to want to keep
in touch with me. ; depressing thought. in island unto myself? hell,
i'm still alone. i'm more alone surrounded my people than when i used
to be when i kept to myself. i think my cloud's finally gone. hope my landing's soft....

EDIT: It' not over yet... ^_^ Life's still fun. I just lost perspective for a while back there. :) I love my family. ^_^

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What is the difference between an egg?


I've had an awesome day. :) Ishan Rahul and Ankit came over. Had lunch. Had more lunch. Had icecream. Then we went out for a little drive. :) By little I mean all the way from Dahisar to Dindoshi. :) It was awrite, I guess. But I'm still not too comfortable driving the car. I should be. I've realised that without a car, it's gonna be *quite* tough takin girls out anywhere. >_<

That's how close I came to totaling a Chevy optra today. /swt Thank goodness I had rahul looking out for me. Bob bless him. After we picked Meenakshi up, we drove down to Aarey. She wanted to try her hand at the wheel. I realised a bit too late that she was doin it for the first time. But with Rahul beside her, I put my worries aside. I'd trust him with my life. I figure I could do the same with my car. Dang. I'm already calling it my car. >_<

*sigh* I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

Came back home. Showed Meenakshi around the house a bit. Not all of it. >_< Sometimes, I wonder if people think I'm showing off when I'm giving them a guided tour around my supposedly "huge" house. Bleh. My house is a big maze. I can't not tell people about where what's located. >_<

We played with Kiro for a bit, played with his ball. Or was it Rutwik's? doesn't matter. Any ball in the house belongs to Kiro, apparently. It's always fun playing with Kiro.

 Exhibit 1: Rahul: Save me!

Kiro's just knocked him down. While I was showin Meenakshi my study room.

Exhibit 2: Meenakshi

I said this in my image blog, and I'll say it here again. Cute cute cute!!! Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by I still can't get over how nice this picture's come out.

Exhibits 3 & 4: New Best friends: Kiro and Meenakshi.

Exhibit 5: The Gang : (Clockwise from right) Rahul, Ishan, Meenakshi, Ankit, Kiro.

Final photo. Kiro got bugged after that and ran away. >_<

Meenakshi's fallen in love with Kiro. I'm jealous. :-P On a more serious note, I never quite figured out what makes girls find fuzzy/hairy four legged things so cute. Only four legs, mind you. Notice how spiders, and most men seem to freak girls out. All things said and done, Kiro's always been a great topic of conversation with most people I know. Not just girls. Kiro, and cookies. I dunno why, but most people seem to think it strange I like cookies so much. I don't complain about how much *certain* people like cricket, do I? Sometimes it just seems so unfair. I'm glad to have found friends who don't mind me being different. Me, Rahul and Ishan celebrate it often enough. ^_^

It's kinda strange... most kids everywhere keep sorting themselves into the "cool / normal" bunch, and then there's the rest. Some of them aspire to get into the "cool / normal" group all their lives, and end up giving up on the things that make them who they really are... I'm not sayin it's wrong. I know how important it seems to fit in. But is it ever worth selling your proverbial soul to the devil? I dunno. I tried to find out. But I got scared at the prospect of giving up on the stuff I loved, just coz noone else likes it. I've found a comfortable balance now. Most of my friends respect me enough to hear me out when I'm talkin about something I love. :) The others... well... lets just say I'm not too keep to find out what they love, either. ;)

I'm happy. I'm goin to bed with a smile on my face. It's been that way for a long time now. Ever since I turned 19. If I have a Guardian Angel up there, workin to make this happen for me, I'm thankful, and I appreciate it immensely. Thank you for bringing Rahul and everyone else in my Life. Thank you for showing me how to appreciate the smaller favours. Thank you for the near endless number of strangers I've talked to over the last few months. Ishan seems to think they're all girls, number in the hundreds. >_< Well... I actually do talk to more girls than guys. But then again, it's kinda obvious I'll do that. I just wish he won't make such a big deal out of it. >_<

I have to sleep early today. I'm quite sleepy. Today was exhausting. More so when I've had only about 4 hours of sleep the previous night. And I have to take Kiro out for a walk before I do that. >_< I hate goin away when I'm still writing. But then again, I could keep writing on and on and on...

So, until next time, cheers! And do leave me a comment if you're reading my blog. :)

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