Saturday, March 31, 2007

Global Warming! Help!~

I was watching a documentary on The Discovery Channel said that Cow-Farts (more specifically, methane from cow-farts) is damaging the ozone layer. Apprently, cow farts around the world contribute to like 4% of the ozone damage every year.

New Zealand scientists have invented a pill that will digest the methane from a cow's stomach. Hence, the cows will be essentially farting "blanks". No damage to ozone, no nothing. But that technology's a long way off from coming here. For the millions of cows in India, we need to have a quick and immediate and CHEAP sollution. I have one.

So, in the interest of the ozone layer, send your donations to me. I'm planning to start a factory manufacturing butt plugs for cows. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007



One gloomy evening, when the rest of the world slept,
In a corner of a room, a little girl wept.
Scorned by her true love, rejected in spite,
she sobbed away well into the night.

"He just sees the flaws, he doesn't love me back."
Every agonizing memory of togetherness as painfull as being strapped.
A solitary rose, it was a symbol, a token
of her love, now lying trampled over, leaving her heart broken.

When the sun rose, she wondered if it all was real-
the pain has numbed her for so long, and nothing else she can feel.
By the window she spied a blade glint in the light.
"Is this the morning," she wondered, "to end the sleepless nights?"

Feeling unsteady, she walked to the sill.
The seductive voice in her head chanting, "Kill! Kill! KILL!"
With one swift motion, her final scene was done.
Oddly enough, she only wondered if it would hurt more with a gun.

"Goodbye, my love," she thought, "You shall never know..."
When someone says they love you, you shouldn't let them go.
For in their love you find yourself, you'll see who you are.
People spend years hunting for love, never knowing they've gone too far..

Monday, March 26, 2007

more on baby time.

im tryin to work out the tax problems of seting the lab up
me thinks somaliya';s a good place

cheap labor, cheap everything, no human rights,
i could probably bribe everyone in the country with like a $200 budget.

rasaa pointed out that

somaliya's gonna make the readings go wrong
coz of the 75% premature birthrats
but then i simply pointed out to him that i dont need to use the local product

and as for the population explosion, we could just dump the kids in china... noone will notice those extra buggers in there better yet, we have them generate the power for the project i dont think it'll be too troublesome to build large sized hamster wheels :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Time.

This is what lots of sugar and coffee and endless assignments do to me close to midnight. I'm Mihir Taichu, incase you haven't guessed yet. :P

LuxuriousWhore says:
back in 5

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
5 what?

LuxuriousWhore says:

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
that would be a wierd asses unit of time...

LuxuriousWhore has just sent a nudge.

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
Be back in 5 babies

LuxuriousWhore says:
hehe srry. pressd wrong button

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
its awrite
im nudge proof

LuxuriousWhore says:
it would actually be a very relative measurement

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
i got too many retards on my list who like to do it for fun
so i disabled it
"mom... i cant home home yet... im on my honey moon...
telll you what.. i'll be backhome after a couple of babies
how does that sound? "


LuxuriousWhore says:
it would actually be a very relative measurement, cause you could have em with 5 women and that would just be one baby in real time

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
realtime babies
and relatavistinc babies

LuxuriousWhore says:

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
i think we've just revolutionised the time keeping industry!

LuxuriousWhore says:
The New Thoery of Time

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
i can just imagine the wall clocks...

LuxuriousWhore says:

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
the moms will be like, teachin their kids... "I want you to be back home when the little hand's .0000003 rd of the way to the next baby"
you think it'll work?
it could have potential
it'll eliminate the need to learn too many numbers. very good for dumb people
and like, you could use the same time piece for years and years

LuxuriousWhore says:

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
and still have a different timestamp everytime you refer to it
i bet soon, science labs will be making masurements in baby time

LuxuriousWhore says:
Some would ask, "What does 0.000003" mean

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
dont bug me with details right now..
im on a roll here...
im trying to make the world a better place!!!

LuxuriousWhore says:
Think About The Babies!!!

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
we'll need to set up some sort of baby factory
atleast initially...
to make controled measurements
then after we have a standardised value
we can just copy off that

LuxuriousWhore says:
don't worry

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
we could have a few girls come in for recalibration once every few years, though...

LuxuriousWhore says:
just provide me the girls and I'll do the rest

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
quality control is very important
yeah right

LuxuriousWhore says:
Highest Quality
We'd have my personal Mark on every clock

Mihir Taichu™ - DJ KT says:
ill get you swedish girls with a sweet tooth
i gotta blog this conversation

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Love that never was....

Do check this poem out. It's one of the most beatiful poems I've read in a long time...


In the words of the poet,

"I found my childhood sweetheart on Facebook, but the reunion was more bitter than sweet. It's not unlike Mathilde and Manech from the film A Very Long Engagement."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Skirting the issue?

so fine i didn't complete my last blog post. so sue me. <_< i'm in no
mood for an argument about that now.
i've got more pressing matters on my mind. i've wondered that it is
about a skirt that's so... i dunno the adjective... but if i did, i'm
sure i would use it here... :-p
back to the point. skirts are fascinating things. i like skirts. on
girls. came kilts don't count. why do i. or for that matter, any other
guy like the idea of a girl in a skirt? maybe it's the thought that the skirt night fly during an
unguarded moment, (which really doesn't happen is often as one night
think)... maybe it's some half deluded fantasy that it'll actually
make it easier for us to get access to what's between her legs... i
call it a typical male fascination with a (ideally) very female thing.
when a girl's wearing a good skirt, it lends her an aura of grace,
elegance, and sexiness. and there's ofcourse the one in a gazillion chance that she'll do a marilyn
monroe. it screams out, "i don't wear the pants in the relationship
and i'm not afraid to show it!".
at any given point, any guy i know will first check out the girl
wearing the skirt, even if her friend's miss Mumbai, but dressed in
jeans/trousers. i still don't know why.
skirts aren't all about the sex, are they? living as a guy, with a
guy's brain, everything about a girl seems to have some sexual innuendo attached to it, so i can't offer an unbiased opinion.
other people might have something else to say about it. the skirt that
accompanies the woman's business suit seems to be a far cry from
austre professionalism.
if anything, it's some of the sexist clothing i can imagine on a girl.
it's form fitting, it's short enough, and the pinstripes just seen
like an added bonus.
don't get me wrong. i'm not against skirts at all... and not just for
my own selfish reasons. i'm just wondering what is it that makes them so... wonderful!
nuff said, i love skirts, and so should you. on women.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


yesterday was fun. aye, lots of fun. after college, i mean. the plan
was to go to the french music festival at marine lines, then dinner
with shalaka tai and prajakt dada, then maybe, i'd be staying over at
their place that evening. so i'd grabbed just about enough cash to
last me that entire weekend. in the true way of all plans, it's didn't
quite happened as i thought it would. :) during the first lecture, in
the middle of the test,

dear miss prachi sends me a note saying she urgently needed cash. now,
i can't say who's need was greater. come to think of it, i don't even
know why she needed it. i suppose the fact that she needed was her own
decision, and the fact that she's borrowing means she needed it badly
enough. but when i think about it, i wonder why i lent her
most of my money when i needed it for that weekend. :/ sure i could
have done without it, and i did.

what bugs me is why do i keep doing that? prioritising other people
over me... a friend of mind once said that i have a bad case of KISA
syndrome. Knight In Shining Armor syndrome. and i guess it's true. i
can't help but try and rescue damsels in distress. lucky damsels. so
at the end of the day, i turn up in town with little more that a
hundred rupees to my name, and waiting for a friend who travelled by
bus instead of train.

we had to skip the french music festival thingie. she was too late for
that. so we took a walk instead. walked to saint thomas basilica, to
find it closed. ditto for the jehangir art gallery. ended up looking
around in the globus at kala ghoda. they've still got good stuff. and
the same mugb they were playing the last time i was there a few months
ago. :) from there, we went to the gateway of india . it's been ages
since i've been there.

we ended up going to the gateway of india. it was nice talking to
anindita. there's something special about a girl who doesn't try to
throw a rock at you when you suggest walking for the next hour as a
way of killing time. i had awesome plans to stop by the Taj pastry
shop, or maybe basilico for a pastry. but prachi seemed to have put an
end to that quite nicely that morning. i settled for a chocolate
double decker from gaylord instead.

Fwd: the human jukebox

people have different priorities in life... why is it that mine are
usually branded as frivolous or insignificant? maybe it's just me
being too paranoid again. maybe i'm just bummed that i'm stuck here
alone today. again. not like there's a dearth of things to do. >_<
i gotta get me some coffee. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Keep off the Grass


Made another mistake today. >_<

Have to start payin more attention to the stuff I do, before I end up hurting more people. :(


In other news, People still forget to call back. >_<

In some more other news, I'm sleepy. Can't sleep now, though.... had some awesome espresso with vanilla icecream. ^_^ Nufifn like sugar and caffiene to keep me up all night, eh? ;)


I've been trying to write a C/C++ program for a basic tictactoe games. As it happens, the game is more complicated than I thought. I have to check for who's turn it is, and then where to place the next marker, and wether that place is already occupied, and if someone's already won the game... and bah! There's so many things to think about. Even for something as simple as TicTacToe. On the bright side, I'm writing a better program than the sample I've been given. I've got good ideas about how to eliminate redundancy. ^_^


I have to sleep now. And figure out how to write on this blog without continusouly offending people. I hate it when people can't face the fact that I bitch about them. More so when I know they do so about me when I'm in some other part of the campus. <_< *wierd* i know a certain girl who loves makin fun of people, and gets like SOOOO mad at the slightest hint of criticism aimed at her. Oh well... live and let live. I keep my mouth shut now. I've seen enough of what happens when I dont. >_<


Good night. It's fun wrinting. :)

P.S. If I haven't mentioned you on my blog  yet,  and hence haven't caused a local/national scandal involving you, all I can say is, "Sorry, I'll fuck with your life next time.!"


Cheers! ^_^




Tuesday, March 13, 2007

French Music, anyone?

This is what I say in Mid-Day, dated 12th March 2007.



I'll be there. Will you?

Sunday, March 11, 2007



my interpertation of God?
My God is not a lightening weilding omnipotent omniscent being
my God is too lazy ro bother with messing with peoples lives here in the world.
my God does not reward and punish us
my God does not determine the next lottery number
my God does not give me a good grade
my God does not cause the good, or evil that's beyond my control.
so i've told you all that my God is not...
So what is my God, then?
There's a reason I call my God Bob.
Bob is a very non descript name...
it could be any random person on the bus
it could be any non descript inconscequential person
it could be noone special
and that's what my god is...
Noone special.
he's just there...
he'll hear me out
he'll be there if i wanna talk with someone
he'll never reply
but he's all ears
and he's always watching me
just me
not you
not my parents
not osama bin whoever
just me
he's my personal God.
He's bob.
Bob :)
all he just is that he just stays there... when i I need him... when I don't..
he doesn't even comment on what i do and what i dont..
he doesnt reward me when i return the bundle of money i found
he doesnt punish me when i keep it for myself
he's just there... that's all..
and I'll be damned if I ever know why he's always there. >_<
but this seems to be the closest i can come to describing it.
I'm not a big fan of organised religion
I'm not into all walking on water, head of an elephant, brings the dead back to life to kill the good kinda miracles....
What I know, and have, and can indetify, is reality...
and Bob is my logical explaination of a "higher presence" (maybe God?) that fits into my view of things.

Monday, March 05, 2007



Remember the day you said to me
Remember, you'd said you did not want us to be.

Kill the joy of the innocent smile.
Kill the joy of walking the last mile.

Deny the happiness on a lover's face.
Deny the warmth of her sweet embrace.

Reject the sunset laceing the emerald sea.
Reject the daffodils and the old oak tree.

We were to fly together, you and I.
But you've clipped my wings and left me to die...

I don't know why I wrote this... It isn't for someone in particular,  or with anyone specefic in mind... But it just popped up in my head.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

back to life.

so i'm back from the cruise. to say it was just nice would be like
saying that the pyramids are just a pile of stones. i myself never
expected it to be as much fun. there i was, on a four star luxury
cruise liner, and absolutely noone around who i could share it with.
that sucked big time. the open sea, the moonlit nights on the decks,
the cozy little cabins, the awesome food, the aquamarine blue water...

i never really knew how beautiful the colour blue was until i saw the
sea on the cruise... cobalt, prussian, navy, aquamarine, cyan... i
still can't believe how awesome it was. i'll get down to writing about
the trip later this evening, i guess. :)

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