Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet nothings



When I'm with you,
The stars may fade to day.
Time loses it's grip o'er me,
And nothing can pull me away.
From the sweetness of your smile,
The caress of your touch.
That twinkle in your eyes
When you laugh so much
It's time for me to go, my love,
In parting, let me just say...
Time loses all meaning when I'm with you
Guess what? I've already been here all day.


Review please! ^_^ Wrote it down in under 1 minute, 41 seconds. >_<

I've been trying a new drink every evening for the last three days.

Started off with my usual Vodka in Apple juice. I usually have 1:5 or 1:8.. depending on my mood... usually always with smirnoff.

Last night, I tired Absolut in Peach+Apricot juice. It was kikass!

Tonight, I'm messing with chocolate liquor.


This is the recipie I'm tryin out:

10 cl Mozart® Original chocolate liqueur
3 cl Mansion House chocolate mint liqueur
2 tablespoons (?) of vanilla icecream
100 ml cold milk
1 tablespoon of chocolate powder
Blend nicely for a few seconds

Serve on the rocks.

It's fun. :)

Would be even more fun if I could lace it with some coffee powder, but I don't have any good coffee left at my home. :( Will have to go out and buy some soon... but I never get time to go all the way to the place that sells it. :/

I've begun to thank my dad for setting up the min bar at home now. ^_^ Of course I won't be thaking him in his earshot, but you get the picture. ;)

All things said and done, I still like vodka drinks better, though. Liquors seem more... I dunno... wholesome and warm and satisfying. Vodka drinks are nice, sexy, cool, and leave you begging for more. Heh. As I'm typing this, I'm wondering if I like vodka for lack of a similar kind of girl in my life. :D

I never thought I'd be enjoying alcoholic drinks too much. Learn new things every day, I do. :) Looking forward to more experimentation with drinks.

(As a side note, I've always ended all my personal correspondence with this. It's just so appropriate now, I can't resist using it here too.)


Friday, May 25, 2007


I think I've finally managed to do it... I think I've finally failed a year. The exam I gave today... the one on which my promotion to the next semester was hingesd, went in a *not-quite-so-well* way.... :(

Math, it was... and it was bad. I think I may have some mental block against math. Last year, despite 5 days of continuous problem solving and practice, I still managed to blank out during the exam.

"Q.1: Aaah!!! easy peasy!"
... 10 minutes later ...
"Q.2: Hm.... this or that way? :/"
... 20 minutes later ...
"Q.3: I'm behind schedule... fkk... whats the next question??"
//Looks at question
//looks at next question
//looks at next question
// looks at next question
... two and a half hours, and a few random mathematical looking squiggles later ...
"ffkkkk Math KT again!!!!"

Jump ahead to this semester.... Pretty much the same story, cept this time, I've done more practice, slept at most 5 hours in the last 2 days, and emptied countless numbers of packs of Appy...

*sigh* It's sad when I cant win even when I try. You'd think I'd be decent enough in math when I've been practicing it since all the way back in jan, but no... When I began revision earlier this week, it was like starting from scratch all over again. :(

I've had this problem before... it took me 3 years from 8th grade to the 11th to get Sin^2 X + Cos^2 X = 1 by heart. >_< I still dont remember the corresponding tan and cosec functions. :(


The fun part is, I'm not too disappointed about my result. I never studied much of anything that wasnt closely related to my choice of course.... (Why do we have economics anways???)

What bothers me is that everyone I know... friends and family will make  huge fuss of it and god knows what else! 

*sigh* will have to figure a way out of this mess... Sometimes, I still hate my parents for makin me quit my BSc Computer Science Course for Engineering. :/ More so when the US academia announced that they'd be allowing 12+3 study years for kids applying for their masters there, as opposed to the previous 12+4. that +4 was the main reason my parents wanted me to switch to engineering.

To cut a long story short, I was shifted out of KS, into a wierd dull place Thakur Engg, forced to work twice and hard to understand and master concepts that are twice as redundant as their comparable BSc couterparts, and in the end.... Bleh. Lets just say if I've ever enjoyed my life in college, or with friends, it certainly was never in any college related setting. (And yes, even bunking to go watch movies or whatveer falls in this category)

But what's done is done, I said, Life goes on... and I tried to make the best of my situation. *sigh*

A friend tells me that the decent enough marks I secured in the other subjects just *might* make the examiners pass me... But I wonder how they're gonna give marks with the little sensible material I've actually written in the paper. Pray for me, I guess. >_<


DJ KT... Hm... that name wont fit any more. How does DJ D0lt sound?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Pride and Joy Joy Joy!!!

There are no words needed here. :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That Thingamajig....

Me: "Oy! Grab that thingamajig from the table and bring it for me, will you?"

//It's surprising how many people don't get what I mean by that. All I got that time was blank stares.//


//I tried again// "Oh... you know... that whachamacallit there... on the desk type table contraption in front of you"


//Last try! //"Oh that thingamambob.... that little dohickey everyone's been borrowing!.... "

//Friend fumbles around blankly on the table//

//Words of encouragement// "Thats it... oh yeah.... your hand just brushed past it's back end thingie..."

(Incredulously) "You mean the stapler???"

(Sheepishly) "Erm... I forgot what it's called"

the internet is for porn?

have you seen the warcraft machinama about the internet? the one that
so wonderfully declares, "the internet is for porn!" you haven't? you

as witty as it may be, i can't help but think about the sheer
amount of porn that's infiltrated all media everywhere... when people
discovered how to write, i bet there was more than one tribesman who
got off to stories of less than polite encounters between a man and a
woman... artists have been drawing to titilate the senses for a long time now... music's erotic
too, if you know how to appreciate it from that point of view... and
the print media? don't even get me started! even the world's largest
information resource has been turned into an international directory
of naked bottoms. porn's here, and it's always going to stay,
i'm not a big fan of most pornographic material. i've seen just about
all that there is to see about porn, back when it was still new to me. but it got boring after a while.
there's only so many kinds of porn, and given that you only watch a
few particular kinds, there's only so many things that they can do in
a particular genre...
hmmm... so yeah, i got bored of porn. thought i've seen it all. until
a few days ago. i was researching anaglyphs. that's when i found a new
kind of porn... new meaning i haven't seen it before... it's only
logical that there would be naked women rendered in anaglyph... but somehow, it
never quite struck me... there are still photos, as well as movie
length clips rendered in anaglyph... it's quite entertaining for a
while... cumbersome, but entertaining. :-D here's a sample.

it's not x
rated... it's an art shot... but imagine the effect of depth
perception in your porn... it's worth a look, as a novelty, if moving
else. :) Go on and see if you have the glasses... it's... entertaining. XD

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This post isnt commemorating my birthday... It's the celebration of one full year of my happiness :)

Wierd thought, maybe. Somehow, I've always pinned this day, a year ago... the 16th of May 2006, as the day something happened and I changed for the better. I've been obnoxiously happy ever since. :) It's true!!! Just have a look at my year old posts and you'll know. :)

I owe it to a bit of Anarchy that came into my life around that time. She didnt really do anything direct to mess with my head, no... but those few days, when I'd been talking with her... I'd been looking at life differently. Partly coz of her, partly not... Not so much in touch now, though. :( Guess she's got her own reasons. (yeah... like "OMG freaky random guy messaging me!!!" XD ) Heh. Jokes aside, I'd really love to know what's in her head filed under "taurius1". :/ I still wish that life brings the best to her. As long as I'm wishing, I'd love to know what a whole lot of other people think about me too. :)

It's been a fun one year... I've discovered the secret of happiness*, I've had a taste of what it's like to be in a serious relationship... not too long, though :( I've realised that once I've been with someone, it sucks to the core being single again... And I've realised how hard it is to make a relationship work... and how hard it is to find someone who'll like to spend as much time with you as you would like to with them... I've also grown to love my family more. I've rediscovered my love for books. I've learnt a whole lot more about people in general. I've realised that life need more than honesty and sincerity to make happy endings happen. I've realised that I've lost my ability to study. My mind's too restless now. I've not restrained my thought process for a long time. Guess I'm reaping the benefits of that now :)

I've met people working in banks, in malls, in hotels, in cafes, in the music industry, in the film industry, big shot execs of toy companies... It's amazing, how different everyone's life is, and yet, at the end of the day, they all have their own dreams and ideals... they way everyone thnks, their opinions, their ideas, their hopes and aspirations... they've all given me new ways of looking at life. I've realised that at the end of the day, everyone wants their own niche in the grand scheme of things. Some find it in fame. Some find it in obscurity... some find it in earning money, some find it in spending it. I've found happiness in meeting and interacting with people. Not even reading books makes me so happy now.

I've changed the way I look, the way I dress (slightly, though... I'm VERY pigheaded. XD ) The way I think, the way I am with people... everything. :)

I've realised that I love my music more than anything else in the world. MY Music, yes. I love my music more than anythign else I own. With probably the exception of my books, coz music's there in cyberspace... easily replaced. (Long live piracy!!! :P ) My books... *sigh* My books. :) There's  nothing that I can say about it that can possibly tell you how much I love my books. Oh yeah... my music. I've been listening to all kinds of music over the years.... pop, dance, trance, techno, rave, psy, jazz, western classical, folk, rock, metal... everything :) Maybe I'm a music wh0re. >_< The first thing I did with my new HDD is copy all my music to it. Guess that speaks for itself. :) I've even dressed my HDD up in a cute lego box. :)


AAh.... stroke of midnight. Anindita, Ankit, Isha, Rahul and Vineha called me up. :) Fun fun fun ^_^ Althought I never mind it when people don't remmeber, it's more fun when they do.

I wanna do something nice today, but can't figure out what. >_< Havin exams happenin soon is kinda a big bummer. I used to boast about the fact that my brithday bein in May, would always arrive during holidays. Guess it was bound to end sooner or later :)



This youtube video is something I saw today. It's a Telgu (?) song, video's a blatant copy of MJ's Thriller, and some wonderful person called Buffalax has provided what appear to be enlgish lyrics for it. Worth the laughs. :)

Currently listening to Funker Vogt's Cover of The Prodigy's Narayana. I like it better. :)

I should go out trekkin a bit somtime. I'll see if I can arrange a trek type thing in the vacations. :) Too bad not all my frinds'll be able to come along...

I should go to sleep now. Life's begning to seem pretty pointless right now. Should go to sleep before I think some more about it. :/


Good night, world! Thank you for having me. I'll see more of you tomorrow!

*The secret of happiness? It's simple. It's all in your head. You're only as happy as long as you chose to be happy. Every other happy related philosophy is a piece of horsecrap. :)

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