Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's simple....


A little birdie, thrice she came to me, 
Asked , Why do you love me so?
It's only coz you're cute, you see,
I said, and the cute button nose...

Does your smile not enchant me,
leaving me momentarily  speechless?
Your awesome caring personality's
taught me to be the best...

Every time I think about it
It seems this is the only way to be
But didn't you ever think,
Maybe there was a little bit more to me?

You're fantastic, the best, the greatest...
There! Those are your reasons three.
Don't use chain messages to feel good about yourself.
I'll make you feel special, just come to me.

I hope this answers the question
you put before me today.

The truth is simple.

I love you the most coz you
have the patience to listen to what I have to say.

Malllu Bashing


Here's a nice email forward I received. I usually don't like chain mails, but this one is fun. :)


Enough of Sardar jokes……………..Mallu jokes are here !

1) What is the tax on a Mallu's income called? IngumDax

2) Where did the Malayali study? In the ko-liage.

3) Why did the Malayali not go to ko-liage today? He is very bissi.

4) Why did the Malayali buy an air-ticket? To go to Thuubai, zimbly to meet his ungle in Gelff.

5) Why do Malayalis go to the Gelff? To yearn meney.

6) What did the Malayali do when the plane caught fire? He zimbly jembd out of the vindow.

7) How does a Malayali spell moon? MOON - Yem Who yet another Who and Yen

8) What is Malayali management graduate called? Yem Bee Yae.

9) What does a Malayali do when he goes to America ? He changes his name from Karunakaran to Kevin Curren.

10) What does a Malayali use to commute to office everyday? An Oto

11) Where does he pray? In a Temble, Charch and a Maask

12) Who is Bruce Lee's best friend ? A Malaya-Lee of coarse.

13) Name the only part of the werld, where Malayalis don't werk hard? Kerala.

14) Why is industrial productivity so low in Kerala? Because 86% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the lungi

15) Why did Saddam Hussain attack Kuwait? He had a Mallu baby-sitter, who always used to say 'KEEP QUWAIT' 'KEEP QUWAIT'

16) What is the Latest Malayali Punch Line? " Frem Tea Shops To Koll Cenders , We Are Yevery Where "

17) Why aren't Mals included in hockey and football teams ? Coz Whenever they get a corner , they set up a tea shop.

18) Now pass it on to 5 Mals to get a free sample of kokanet oil.

19) Pass it on 10 Mals to get a free pack of Benana Chibbs.

20) Pass it on to 15 Mals to get a set of BROGUN bones ...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007



People get down
Smoking all around
They know what turns them on
Cuz we got this party on, I say
People get down
Smoking all around
They shake, they make, they break, they take,
They start, they close, they fly, they land,
They eat, they drink, they smoke, they talk,
They say, they play, they think, they walk,
They dream, they swim, they jump, they fall
They watch, they match, they touch, they roll...
They shake, they make, they break, they take,
They start, they close, they fly, they land,
They eat, they drink, they smoke, they talk,
They say, they play, they think, they walk...


[Sesto Sento - People]

Proof of the Bible!


This is the undeniable, undisputable argument that's being used in churches and just about everywhere to defend the Bible. What's more, replace the Bible with any religious dogma of your choice, and you'll find that the argument works for that too! It's like everything falls into place automagically!

Ready for it? Brace yourselves....

The Bible is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God. How do we know? Because it says so in the Bible. How do you know the Bible is right? Because it is the word of God.

Can't argue with that kind of watertight logic now, can we? :D

Read the discussion here:

(You will need a free facebook account to access that web page)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

I don't make sense...

Mihir: you dont make no snese...

you too

Mihir: *sense


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


What was it?
Life. Death. Victory. Defeat. Who's defeat? Maybe Conquest. Conquest of desire. Conquest of passion. A Consummation of love. A Consummation of hate. Nothing. Everything. Anything? Something. Something special. Secret. Scandal. Keep it hidden. Hide it. Skin. Skin on skin. Sweaty skin on sweaty skin. Comfort. Pain. Pleasure. Forbidden. Hungry. Insatiable. More. More. More. No More. Keep on going. Almost there. Yes. Yes. I have arrived. More. More? More. Turn around. More? More. More. Sleep. Won't come. Make it. More? Sleep. More! Sleep. Sleep. Sweet. Beautiful. Smile. Lips. Luscious. Lips. Kiss. Yes. No. Yes No. No. Soft. Smile. Cheeks. Cute. More. More colours. Blue. Magenta. Ochre. Tan. Purple. Yellow. Gold. Crimson. Blood. Ouch. Sorry. More. Green. Silver. Mauve. White. Pure. Bliss. Smile. Thank You. Smile. Smile. Grin. Pink. Blue. Pink. Scarlet. Good Morning. Sun. Sleep.

Sunday, October 21, 2007




"Plot a circle of appropriate size with pencil of a compass the angle of circle to 360 degrees."


Apparently, that is what they are telling the Zoology kids in thakur college about how to draw pie charts. >_<

AAAArrrggggghhhh!!!! Talk about stupid!

*runs into a wall*
*repeats until unconscious*

Firefox v/s Opera v/s IE

Found on:


Image Hosted by



Image Hosted by Image Hosted by 


Image Hosted by


And opera scores again!!! ^_^

Butter Cotch Cookies




I'm too scared to try them. Why?

Coz I'm not too sure what word "cotch" is supposed to be a typo of.



See what I mean? :(

Friday, October 19, 2007

Save the Yamuna!


Ohkay.... my last post was rather incomplete. The video didnt even display, apparently...


Here's more info on the issue. If you can, raise your voice about it!


Video report on IBNlive:


Usha Mehra Comitte Report prohibiting any enroachment:  << Full sized image


Usha Mehra letter to the DDA asking them not to flout orders: << Full sized image





Letter from the Delhi High Court, prohibiting any permanant development on the banks of the Yamuna...: << Full sized image

RTI  Letter:  << full sized image


Cover of the NEERI comittee repot:  << Full sized image


NEERI Report page 1:  << link to full sized image.


 NEERI Report Page 2: <<  Link to full sized image.



So... what do you think you wanna do about it? Write to your local paper. Get them to talk about it. Send emails to everyone you know. Get everyone talking!!! The proof is all out there. We just need voice loud enough for the DDA to not ignore any more!


Read about it for yourself:

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Alright, people... pay attention here... Words of wisdom are gonna
spill out and enrich your life now, so don't ignore this. Turn off the
music, switch off your phone, lock your door, and leave room for no
more interruptions. Knowledge like this doesn't come by too easily.

"I wish you were my homework so that I could do you on my desk"

it not, I repeat, NOT an appropriate way of complimenting a school girl. :(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was watching the movie 21 Grams right now. Rather, I'm still
watching it as of of
writing this post. The movie seems nice so far. But that's beside the
point. My point is that I've been preinformed about the filming
technique used in the movie. The way the script seems confusing at
first, and why. I love watching movies. More so when there's a twist.
What I don't like, is being told about the plot. Any part of the plot.



It just spoils the fun of the movie knowing what to expect. Right?
I've never enjoyed doing for thought provoking movies with the guys.
Any hint of seriousness in the plot simply serves to let them make fun
of something. Anything. (Brokeback Mountain, anyone? ) More often than
not, I've had to sit beside a friend who's explaining the story to a
third friend, while watching the movie.
"The next part of the action scene is totally unexpected!"

Well, then atleast let me not expect it you freak!
I'm perfectly smart enough to understand that something is surprising,
when it is. <_<
I'm done ranting now. Do YOU have any irritating friends?

Sex Deprived Horny Maniac?

Do I look like a sex deprived horny maniac? I dunno. This morning, I was walking from Kala Ghode to VT station aka CST Station. (Die j00 name changing fr34ks!!) Anyway, back to the story. I was walkin down teh road, lookin at things. Shops mostly closed coz it's a sunday... People running around doing their stuff. A few of the usual Foreigner type people tourists prancing around doing their whatevers. 

The CD guys are the first to set up shop on the streets. Any given day, that is usually the case. Me, being the only person walking down that pavement, made a wonderful target for their promiscuous advances. "CDs.. DVDs... Movies software games music...." I shook my head at the guy. I was about to pass him when I noticed the DVD he was trying to thrust in my face. 

"Playboy Girls Exclusive 5"

No comments, walk on, people. Nothing to see here!

A few meters ahead, "Sir... dvd movies? anything special for you?" Presented before me is a cheap photocopy of a DVD cover that read,

"Girl's night out!"

The girls seemed to be doing a lot of things outside, apparently. Things. Together. Together type things. >_<

Move along!

two shops down the line, I pass by a young kid who was sheepishly grinning and holding up a DVD that seemed titled,

"Wild 2night. 16 scenes!"

*coff coff*

Last salesman of the day was a book shop. I was about to consider stopping by and looking at the stuff he had, maybe he's got a nice book. I steered clear off him when I saw him picking up a copy of Penthouse from under the display shelf.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Entry for VIP only



Scene in the college Auditorium toilet. XD

Music is Life

New ring tones! And one new SMS tone. :)

All ringtones here are 64 kbps mp3 format, just the right size for your phone. :)

1) Anarchy Countdown -> Taken from Skazi - Anarchy, Skazi RMX of "The Final Countdown"
2) Anarchy Tonight -> Taken from Skazi - Anarchy, Lead guitar.
3) Angel Johnathan -> Taken from Yahel - Angel Johnathan, Irish kinda music
4) Crazy Train -> Taken from Techno RMX of Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train, Lead guitar.
5) Fly Away Now -> Taken from Bio-tonic - Fly Away, Lead Vocal
6) Land of the Wolves -> Taken from Space Buddha - Land of the Wolves, The addictive part of Space Buddha's Song made using "Tune from "Peter and The Wolf"
7) Muzaik -> Taken from Infernal - Muzaik, Bridge vocals.
8) ShuShu The Fox -> Taken From DNA - Shushu The Fox, Japanese Vocals
9) Smack Snack -> Taken from Terry Poison - Smack Snack (Dali RMX), Background vocals
10) SMS in My Head -> Taken from DNA - Demons in My Head, Clip of musical Intro. SMS Tone
11) Wavs -> Taken from Electro Magnetic Pulse vs Nutronix - Wavs, Main Guitar Lead


Enjoy!!! ^_^


Linkie:  (2MB, winRAR archive)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Loot!

I finally got my shopping done!!! :D

Took me three whole hours to get to the malad "Mall" where The Loot Store was supposed to be... This is what I found:



<_< I so hated that. Lucky for me, the place was near the station, and I hopped onto a train to Bandra. I went to the Bandra outlet of The Loot Store. It's near Copper Chimney. I picked up two SF Jeans denims, a pair of cargos, and two Spykar Teeshirts. For a little less than 3K. I was happy. ^_^

In other news, I've bought myself some nice Java Beans. Real Java. Real Expensive. Real Fun. Real bliss. Really bored of typing. Really....

My Experiments with Vegetarians


Hmmm... Long time since I've made a blog post. today I'll be ranting
about something I've been meaning to think about for a long time
over the last few years, I've noticed that most of the cute girls i
come to befriend are either:
a) committed
b) not interested
c) vegetarian
The first case i have no complains about. I'm the last person to have
problems with two people finding happiness with each other.
The second raises no eyebrows too... If someone wants to stay single, that's their prerogative. Plenty more
fish in the sea, right? :)

What really confuses me is that most girls I start talking to turn out
to be vegetarians. >_< Fine... maybe I've just had the luck of meeting
people from predominantly vegetarianism communities. But that still
doesn't explain why a large chunk of aforementioned girls have
voluntarily given up meat while the rest of their family still eats
good food. :(

I've known people who give up meat when they turn like 40 or
something, usually for health reasons. But kids seem to be losing
perspective very early now. And I can't even begin to imagine how.
Maybe some don't like the taste. But i refuse to believe that all cute
girls have a bad palette. Maybe it's just an evolutionary instinct
driving them to stay slim by any means necessary... rather extreme, me

Lets talk about the reasons. Most girls will tell me that they don't
like the taste. I doubt it. There's got to be some psychological thing
behind the taste. Then there are some who tell me that meat was once
living breathing cute furries. Well, I say that if they weren't meant
to be eaten, they won't come in such a nice packaging. Bling is
Once one of my friends said, "That was probably a cute little chicken
before, with thoughts and feelings and everything. How can you even put it in your mouth,
knowing it was so nice before?"
I said it then, and I'll say it again. Don't use your imagination so
much. It's in front of you now, and very tasty, and the chicken has no
hard feelings towards me. So what's the issue here? The very fact that
chickens, or for that matter, any animal alive, refuses to hold a
grudge after they die should be argument enough.

You want to talk about before they're killed? Before they're killed,
they have no concept of life, death, and are only driven by hormonal
changes telling them what to do. Humans have had too many brain cells
to spare for thinking about themselves, and came up with the idea of
rebirth, religion and neckties and other pointless things. So why
worry about things that don't matter anyway? Eat and be merry.

Then there comes the health aspect. This is like a last resort tactic
that most girls don't even believe in themselves. The only reason
vegetarians might seem to be having healthy food is coz they're not
eating anything of substance! Pulses and leaves all the way, right?
Boring! Non vegetarian food does so much more for you. And don't even
get me started on the overweight gujju crowd you'll see everywhere.
And not just gujratis, mind you.

Obesity is a very secular thing. Anyone from anywhere can become
walking tubs of lard if they put their mind to it! Where there's a
will, there's a way, right? :-P
And about the recently hyped up issue of detox veggies? Proper
exercise and sufficient water intake is all the detox you need. :)

DISCLAIMER: I enjoy both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian stuff.
My mom's am awesome cook. She's proved it to me that there can be good
vegetarian food too. It's just that I hate people who get anal about
my eating habits when usually they've got no convictions of their own
to support theirs.
So back to the matter at hand... no one still knows why cute girls more
often than not end up being vegetarians.

Maybe I'm just destined to end up meeting girls who don't like meat. :(


Comments: (Coz I'm consolidating all the posts I made from my phone to a new post. :) )


curryegg said...

Lol... it's good anyway right? Maybe you can't share the kind of food you eat with them...?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Gtalk!!!



The new Gtalk is finally out!

It's got conferencing, and emoticons that look like real emoticons.  ^_^

Get it now! :) >>

P.S. Can you see the Gtalk Gadget on the right? You don't have to sign into Gmail every time you wanna use GoogleTalk at the office. Just drop by here and chat away! :)

EDIT: The new Gtalk is the web based thing. Looks like google, keeping with the spirit of moving to a world where everything's online, has stopped developing the desktop client. :(

Take a look at the web based client here:

Thursday, October 04, 2007



I don't like social networking sites. But thank Bob for the Internet, I found something that just might work for me!!! :D


The antisocial networking site.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I've been listening to this for more than an hour now. >_<

Click here: ( less than 400 kb)

If you're afraid of the link, then watch this. But this will eat up more of your bandwidth, so don't say I didn't warn you!


Addictive song. :ph34r: It's is a Flash animation set to a gibberish section of the traditional Finnish folk song "Ievan Polkka" sung by the Finnish quartet Loituma, taken from their 1995 debut album Things of Beauty. (source: )

Here's the link to download it: ( less than 4 MB )

Here's a clip of the song featured in the flash video:

It's my new ring tone, BTW. ^_^


P.S. It's been 2 hours and I'm still playing the swf. /swt

Love always happens when it's raining


I had a dream last night. Actually, I had three distinct scenes to the dream. I remember the 1st part quite vividly because I've been pondering that all day long. The 2nd scene is rather trivial and involves me breaking my foot to save my doggie. ^_^ I've completely forgotten what the 3rd scene was. >_<

So, what was scene 1?

Lets see...

It was dark. My room is always pitch dark when I go to sleep. I can't stand any light when I go to sleep. I even stuff the gaps at the corners of the curtains.

As I'm getting ready for bed, in the pitch black, i see a marble shaped something glowing in midair. I keep staring at it. Everything except for the marble starts going fuzzy. The wardrobe disappears. The study table and chair disappears. The walls disappear. And slowly, The marble expands and starts to take form.

A very pretty form, it was. An angel all dressed in white, and brilliant iridescent wings... atleast they seemed like wings. Beautiful etheral wings. In a more crude society, I would have pointed at it with wide eyes and said, "Shiny!"

The angel seemed to be stepping out of somewhere. I couldn't see where. The doorway from wherever seemed to constantly mould itself to fit the angel's body as she stepped out.

And what a body it was! The legs seemed to go on and on, and the hips... nice, wide, voluptuous. Further up was an impossibly proportioned tiny waist that, seen with the very shapely bust, could only be interpreted as the most feminine of features you could ever imagine a body possessing. The arms flowed with a fluid motion that made it seem that she was in a habit of making things around her do as she wished them to. Maybe she did.

This gorgeous body was encased in a form fitting white suit. The pants... what were they made of? Satin? Silk? Whatever exotic material it was, it seemed to fit every curve, every contour of those shapely legs. The jacket was smartly tailored. It was tailored for her. No one else could do it enough justice. It was white with ivory pinstripes, and golden buttons engraved with a phoenix. It just was a phoenix. Don't ask me how I know. The long sleeves of the jacket, the gloved hands, and high collar that covered every inch of skin contrasted sharply with her unadorned face.

Her hair was piled on top of her hair in a bun, with a couple of flicks of hair falling across her face from either side. She had smooth, flawless skin that shone with an unreal radiance. It seemed to match her, though. Her oval face had that could only have been crafted by divine hands. Her cute as a button nose. Her cheeks, just as unblemished as the rest of her face, except for a tint of colour that complemented the mirth in her eyes. Her eyes were big brown pools of never ending fantasy.

I got scared when she smiled at me. It was the sweetest smile in the world. No one could have smiled at me in a better, or more inviting way. But I got scared. I inched back, only to find I've bumped against a stack of books. Somehow, I knew that was my entire book collection. The angel smiled.

She looked at my eyes and pointed at my books. Transfixed by her eyes, I grabbed a few books and handed them to her. She smiled at me again and my heart wanted to melt. She took the books, carefully not touching my fingers, and tossed them behind her. That's when I noticed a fire behind her. It was a blue fire. And it just vaporised my books. I looked back at her to scream at her. To demand why she did that. I saw her begin to slip off her shoes. Tiny little white shoes, on tiny little feet, with flawless, smooth skin. she pushed the shoe aside and looked back up at me. She pointed at my books again.

Those eyes... I swear to Bob I've never seen eyes like that. Dark brown eyes that I just wanted to keep swimming into. And her smile, Memories of her last smile seemed to be fading like the morning dew. I wanted to see her smile again. What's a few more books, right? I tossed a few more books into the fire. She smiled at me again. Without shifting her eyes from mine, she proceeded to take off the other shoe.

I had stopped thinking. All I wanted to do was see her smile. And see her skin. Her wonderful, perfect, honey-milk skin. I watched her pull her gloves off and drop them. I didn't see them hit they floor. Maybe they vanished. I didn't care. I kept throwing more books in the fire.

Her gloves were off. I noticed the perfectly manicured nails, the perfect lines that framed her fingers... fingers I wanted to have caress my face...

I paused for a moment. She stopped smiling. Her hand froze at the buttons of her jacket. Her eyes suddenly reflected all the hurt and and pain in the world, and seemed to plead... to beg me to make it all go away. I knew I had the power to make it go away. I could to something to make the angel smile again. So I picked up some more books and threw them into the fire. The angel smiled at me and resumed her agonizingly slow transition to what I knew would ultimately be a state of complete undress.

I watched in fascination as she unbuttoned her jacket. Taking her own time with each button. Her fingers casually slipping them out of their holes. Right then I began thinking about the magic she could work with her hands. And I'm not talking about magic that makes birds jump out of hats. tossed another book into the fire. Just to make her keep on going. Just one more book, as it had been since she came.

She pulled off the jacket. while she was wearing it, it seemed like a second skin to her, something she would seem incomplete without. But as soon as she took it off, I realized how ugly she must have been when she was wearing it. I saw beauty personified. Beauty of the kind and magnitude I'd even tried to imagine, let alone seen. As she shrugged the jacket off, first thing I noticed was her shoulders. Dainty, yet strong shoulders that led to beautiful arms, and those wonderful hands. What I saw was smooth honey-milk skin, very taut abs, all the curves in the right places, and a lacy white brassiere that concealed what I supposed would be the most perfect pair of breasts I'd ever seen. I think a look of disappointment flashed across my face, because she giggled a bit.

I looked back at her eyes. They still had that playful spark in them. That's when it hit me. The scent. She smelled like the earth, fresh after the first shower of the season. Nothing smells as good a the rain. Nothing smelled as good as her. I didn't need her to say anything. I quietly tossed another book into the fire. And so it went on...

I watched her as she peeled off her pants. Those toned legs, the smooth skin of her thighs. I kept taking it all in, mesmerized by her beauty.
I watched her reach behind her back, undo the clasps. I realised then I'd been waiting for that moment for quite some time now. How long ago was it? I didn't remember. Not like I cared. The lacy fabric fell, and disappeared before it hit the ground. She giggled some more and discarded the last tiny bit of clothing she wore. I glanced nervously at her. Her eyes.. they were still the same. Almost. The innocent gaiety seemed somewhat tainted. Tainted by something carnal that she seemed to be expecting for a long time now...

She took a step towards me. I froze. I looked behind me. All my books were gone. I looked at my hands. I had one book with me. One final book. The embodiment of all my beliefs, my values, my principles, my ethics, my ego, my everything. That's when I realised the gravity of the choice I had at the moment.

The angel was just a few motions away from settling down in my bed. But not yet. She looked at me quizzically. Sadly. Happily, Angrily. Hungrily. Meekly. Patiently. Impatiently. Inviting. Comforting. Soothing. Satisfying. Here eyes were a mystery in themselves.

I clutched my last book to my chest, and just sat there...


That's when my dream ended. Anti climatic? Very. I'm scared. Scared wondering about what I would have done, had the dream continued...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Eva Longoria Sex Tape!

I found it! I found the sex tape! I found the Eva Longoria Sex tape!!!!

It's a sex tape without sex. >_<

It features her and her husband Perry Hilton aka Eric Christian Olson fooling around at night. I mean really fooling around. There's no nudity, no suggestive images, no nothing. I love it. Hats off to the publicity agent who thought of this. ^_^


Here's what I found at Egotastic.

Try not to look too dissapointed. :P

To eat or not to eat.... that is the question....

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (1:57 PM):
Shireen says (1:57 PM):
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (1:57 PM):
Shireen says (1:57 PM):
nothin really
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (1:58 PM):
im contemplating whether to fnish off my last date roll
if i eat now, ill get more hungry, but i don thave any more date rolls
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (1:59 PM):
but if i don't eat it now, its gonna like sit there, until the next time i go out to restock my snacks
Shireen says (1:59 PM):
you think too much...
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (1:59 PM):
and it's gonna just sit there in the jar
and mock me
and keep teasing me
like "you can't eat me.. nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah"
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:00 PM):
i bet eventually, my date roll will lose all respect for me
and think that I probably don't have to guts to eat it
Shireen says (2:00 PM):
i doubt it ever had any
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:00 PM):
even if i wanted to :(
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:01 PM):
my date rolls love me!! :@
Shireen says (2:01 PM):
well then it will be shocked at your betrayal
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:01 PM):
you're just jealous 8o|
what betrayal? :S
i never betrayed them T_T
Shireen says (2:01 PM):
you're eating things that love you
what else would you call that?
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:02 PM):
it's called food!
food is meant to be eaten
they fulfil their destiny when you eat them
Shireen says (2:02 PM):
its called food... it doesnt have respect or love for you either
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:03 PM):
you non believer!
i bet you dont even feel good when you have mousse cake :(
Shireen says (2:05 PM):
no i feel great
because i dont imagine food has feelings
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:05 PM):
its the mousse cake being happy that it's done a great job of feeding you :) 
It transfers its happiness to you. :)
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:06 PM):
the blasphemy!
Shireen says (2:06 PM):
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:06 PM):
food DOES have feelings. I'll prove it!
tell me...
doesnt all food start tasting bad if you ignore it too long?
Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (2:06 PM):
thats their way of protesting!
Shireen says (2:07 PM):
you're insane

Was Eva Longoria really a desperate housewife?




HMm... so the papers report that a new home made sex tape has been unearthed, and this time, it's starring Eva Longoria and her husband.

Well... Other unofficial reports say that it's a hoax.

In either case, I doubt most people are concerned with the authenticity. A nude/naked Eva Longaria, even a fake one certainly seems to work. Why do I say so? Coz there's one torrent online which, I suppose, has the video. It's got 5301 seeds for it. And 1335 peers. That's a total of 6636 people who have downloaded / are downloading the clip. And that's not even counting the people who have already left the torrent pool....

So is it real? I dunno. Don't try to decide for yourself. The WMV file in this torrent has a copyright protection that forces Windows Media player to connect to some website for the "security upgrade" or "permission" or something that supposedly lets you view the movie. A few articles online say that it's a virus. I'm guessing it is, because there is no way in hell that a 4 week old 16 MB file stays online on just one torrent with more than 5K people on it! 5K bots, maybe. Certainly not real people.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Estate Agents....

 Ohkay.... so Today was a not so fun, but still fun enough day.


I did my 5 hours of studyin in the mornign at the Barista near college. The college librarian didnt want me in the library with my copy of Homer's Odessey. Bleh. What's this world coming to when I'm not even allowed to take a book inside the library???


So anyway, at this Barista, I watched loads of people, in bunches of 10s and 20s, just sit there, do nothing, and chat away. I asked the guy at the counter why he wasn't goin over to take their order. He said that those kids never buy anything. It was weird. I spent the entire morning watching a whole bunch of college kids very happily sit and relax at the barista tables, spend a solid hour and a half doing nothing, and just walk off.
The one time a girl actually DID come inside, she took a glass of water and walked back out. Gaaah!!! I got so exasperated. <_<

No further comments about the retardedness of the general population of the college there. <_<

Laterz, I went over to Shunal's place. I gave him more trance. (Shunal be teh piniata guy/girl, btw, for those who don't remember... ) I got more music from him. And episodes of the IT Crowd :) Much much fun, it is, IT crowd. ^_^

That being over and done with, I went to college. Walked all the way. Took about 20 minutes. Caught Rahul and the gang just as college got over. :) That's when Ruchita and Megha caught me and bodily dragged me to the meeting of the Literary Club. Apparently, Thakur DOES have a literary club. It's just not official yet, or something... : /

The highlights of the evening included the extempore, and the dance. No names shall be given here. Those who know, know. Those who don't, don't need to, or will find out soon enough!

Hm... this is back on my blog due to popular request. And coz I wanna show off again. :P

And here's most of the rest. :)


 Still with me? Good. ^_^


I've ben meaning to watch Ratatouille for a long time now. I haven't managed to, so far. Everyone I know is busy. :( Looks like I'm goin to have to give this a miss. :( On the bright side, I finally figured out how to encode entire DVDs to fit into a 700 MB divx video. :)

The secret? DVD Decrypter and AutoGK. Oh, and don't forget to use IFO mode, and disable file splitting for the decrypter. :)

HM... I think that's it for today. Anything else?


Oh yeah. Funneh pic time!!!

 "Homemaker Estate Consultant for shops and offices" ??? O_o


Heh. Go figure. :P


P.S. The title track of Bobby Deol's film Soldier has been ripped from one of Gundam SEED's songs, Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni instrumental by See-Saw. ^_^

 Here's the clips from the original song. :)

Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni (Instrumental)


Until next time, buhbye!!! ^_^

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