Monday, January 28, 2008

This post is brought to you by the local Public Saftey Department. Don't drink and Drive!


It's not where we are
it's where you went!
An eternity of memories,
soon to be forgotten.
I want to erase you
from my mind, this pain,
Like blood washed
away in the summer rain.

You promised to protect me
from the world nasty and cruel
Now you're gone, what do
you think I can hang on to?
Noone to call up any more
Noone to wish me good morning
You're the one I shared my secrets with
You kept me from falling.

More than my friend, even
more than a soulmate.
One night of reckless abandon and
you became the monster you hate.
They found you in the car, or
rather they found the car in you.
You shouldn't have been been behind
the wheel... I thought you knew.

In the dead of the night, I rushed
to the intersection by the mall.
In your drunken stupor you drove
into a tree eleven feet tall.
You painted one last pretty picture,
something for me to remember you with.
Shards of glass through your head and
your chest impaled by a metal stake.

The police gave me a photo of me, they
said you had it clutched in your hand.
You wanted to be near me during
your final moment, I think I understand.
But now the photo is blurred
Your blood has rendered it indistinct
I see it there, in my hand
I just don't know what to think.

The heavens weep for us,
they send this rain as proof.
You're gone forever now
I don't know what to do.
All you've left me is this photograph
with blood washed
away in the summer rain.



[I wrote this poem around the line "Blood Washed away in the rain". It's still not as nice as I wanted it to be. But it's definitely better than what I wrote the last time I tried. Kudos to Mystique for the inspiration.]


Geez it really is a sucky poem. >_< I tried and tried to make it a happy thing. Two days I spent trying to make a nice story in my head. But it just didn't happen. At one point of time, this is what happened:

I had this on my paper:


"I leaned over to kiss your cheek,
I thought the right time had come to pass
I waited in anticipation."

I spend the next 15 minutes mulling over how to complete those lines. After thinking long and hard, trying this thing and that, I resigned myself to my subconscious, and decided to let myself think freely, and write the words as they come in my head. This is what the romantic scene ended up looking like:

"I leaned over to kiss your cheek,
I thought the right time had come to pass
I waited in anticipation.
And you grabbed my arse."

I kid you not, ladies and gentlemen. I tossed the pencil over the balcony, balled up the papers and had them follow suit. I know when to stop trying, and this seemed to be it.

Oh well. I guess it was just one of those days. Maybe I need  a new muse. :/

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P.S. It's very sucky to try and write about death in the middle of Beautiful Goa. And oh yes, Goa WAS beautiful.


Sunny skies, amazing beaches, wonderful weather, near-impossibly good food, and wonderfully away from everyone else. :) Anytime I got too bugged, I just ran off to some corner of the beach. Very very effective in keeping the rest of my world at bay.

Back in Bombay now (Not Mumbai. I've loved the name Bombay for such a long time. I don't even know why I started calling it Mumbai. -_-" ) . So glad to be sleeping in my own bed. Down side is, I have to put up with the cold my brother gave me. -_-" Retard refuses medication and prolongs it for two weeks. Time enough to pass it on to me. <_<

White Lies

Waah! It's the last day in Goa already! >_<
Just when I was starting to settle down into the usual routine of
lazing around and doing nothing. :(
The three days here have been nothing short of a blast. It's more fun
going holidaying with family, than with friends. I especially love the
part where we stay in a hotel with basic services like, oh, I don't
know... running hot water, room service, locks that work... you get
the picture. ^_^

Friday, January 25, 2008

Go Goa!!

Finally in Goa!! The flight was delayed due to the heavy air traffic
above Mumbai, as was expected, but we made good time. We're staying at
the Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort. I had a tough time getting used
to the name. I've called it stuff like lemon grass hotel, lemon hill
view hotel, and once, in a moment of sheer helplessness, lemon
cheesecake amaretto hotel. >_<
The website seems to make it seem well equipped. ^_^

Wednesday, January 23, 2008





Here's what I read in the 3rd paragraph on pg 297 of Samit Basu's  The Unbawa Revelations. [Part 3 of the Gameworld trilogy]

"Each group of the rakshasas was made up of a mixture of danavs, both inesperienced hnoobs and veteran leeths, as well as ... "

Heh. I knew the guy wasn't too imaginative at times, or maybe he's doing stuff like this on puurpose, but this was a bit too much!!

I'm enjoying the book, now that I'm not being disturbed all the time. :)


OOh... my new ringtone:

It's taken from O.A.R's Wonderful Day. I found the song on the official soundtrack for Kyle XY.

Message tone:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Love Love Me!


Mika's song Love today is amazing!!!

It's got to be the ONE song I've heard in the last 3 years that's made me want to get up and dance, anyone else around be damned! I've been rockin to the song for the last 2 hours, and I feel depressed goin to sleep coz then I won't get to listen to it!

Here's a clip from the song. It's my new ring tone:

Love love me!!


I've finally got all my Mussoorie vacation pictures up with thumbnails. Initially, I was worried about how I'm gonna share so many picutres with only file names visible on my web server. Then, my cousin tells me about Automation in photoshop, that automatically (!) constructs a web photo gallery with images. Sweet.

If you wanna see it, let me know, I'll link you. ^_^


Man... Been an hour, and I'm still listening to the song!!!


Good night people. Love Love me!

Monday, January 14, 2008

mars needs women

jigisha called. i'm happy again. ^_^

go ninja! go!

i'm begining to love this trip even more! our favorite tour operator's
managed to suprise us again. now, he's managed to screw the payment.
the hotel (?) manager wouldn't let us even load the luggage. so now,
instead of the new delhi 9.20, we're catching the old delhi 10.40. i
think. >_< be right back with my post. have to check it out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

cutting chai

auto show's screwed our reservations. :(
the delegates from the auto show want to "overstay" their visit. so,
the hotel we were supposed to stay in gar cancelled our reservation.
either the tour operator, or the hotel's screwing us over. i suspect
the former, for quickly cancelling our reservations. we're all in a
wonderfully murderous mood right now. it's fun. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

track 4

i've been on the train to delhi for the last 6 odd hours. the general
madness in the train seems to have subsided. and my madness seems to
have kicked in. it's fun tripping to good music. people think i'm
stoned. the bloodshot eyes and the perpetually dilated lenses don't
seem to help my cause. neither does my drawing of the cute duckie
that's all dressed up to go to the Princess' Ball.
i miss my coffee already. :(

Friday, January 11, 2008

Chasing Cars


HM.... I've been getting a lot of questions about my web server. Everyone thinks it's like so cool, and I'm like such an "ultra-fucking genius" to set it up, and one day I'll be able to "screw the web hosting companies" and set up my own business  "providing cheap web hosting from my own home" and ... Well, I think you get the picture.

First off, web hosting from your own PC is not at all difficult. It's just a 4-step process. 3 steps, if you don't want to set up password protection. This website here [ ]helped me a lot. Infact, it's the only website I've looked at to do this. The only constraint now, is that my upload speed is about 30~40 kb/s only. :(

I guess it's enough for personal access. :)

I've been puttin this off for a long time now, Coz I've been lazy, AND busy with getting ready for my week long trip to Delhi. But here they finally are now. Funneh pictures!!


Stop Nightwear!!! Sleep nekkid!! (But if you're fat, you sleep far, far away! -_-" )

Fingering is good! It does not cause blindness!!

The price of fun? :( It's not funny!!!


Hm... I'm all pepped up for the trip. I've got 8 GB of music on 3 memory cards for my phone. It's getting boring staying at home doing nothing!!!


Here's the latest nice song I heard. This one I heard on I was wondering why it sounded familiar until I googled for it. I'd heard it on the promos for Grey's anatomy on TV. :)



"If I lie here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world"

Here's a ringtone of the song:



Until next time, Cheers! ^_^

This town



People tell us what to be... But it's up to us to decide if the label fits...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enter Post Title Here



This is the beauty outside my house, in the garden.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty inside my house! :D 

I was bored yesterday, so I made myself some chocolate fingers! Yummy goodness of chocolate and rum , with a hint of nuts, all rolled into a neat tiny package. :D

Dang... I'm feeling too lazy to complete this post too... >_<



Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Web Server up and running!!!


Weeeee!!!!!! My exams are finally over! :D

Struggling to get through a few measly exams spread over 1 month is a harrowing experience. Can't study, can't have fun.

To kill time, in the middle of exams, I've been distracting myself by say... buying new PCs, catching up with old friends. the princess of my projects was making my entire music collection online. I first tried using Winamp Remote. It lets me stream my music from my PC to anywhere in the world, via the Winamp Remote site. It was very convenient. But with slight downside. 1) The web GUI is very slow. And Buggy. 2) I can't download my music. 3) I can't use it on my phone.

All this left me quite disappointed. Besides, I couldn't do anything about my other stuff.

So, this led me to try something else. I've set up my own web server. ^_^


It's fun. And easy. I never really thought it would be this easy. I guess the only reason people pay web-hosts is coz they don't want to / can't keep a PC up and running as long. And I guess the Internet bandwidth is also such a problem. :)

I can also see how and why wazrez have become so popular. :D


I'm coming down with like a cold or something. >_< Don't feel like goin out tomorrow with friends now. :( Lets see what works out... :/


In other news, this is my current wallpaper! :D


All heil pokehitler!! :D

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Till death do us apart?

My playlist for today is mostly western classical music. Bach, Mozart,
Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi, Strauss... you get the picture. What's
been bugging me is that on the randomized play order, out of the 250
odd songs i have, The Wedding March has played four times already in
the last hour. Is my phone dropping subtle hints? Maybe my phone wants
to get married. Or does my phone want to marry me? Or is the wedding
just an allegory? >_<

Saturday, January 05, 2008

We're Doomed!!! O_O


Me, and my esteemed friend, who I affectionately call 800813man, were talking about such and such. Here's the interesting part of the conversation.


ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:50 PM):
i'll spare your life this time
but you will pay for this treachery

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:50 PM):
: shrug :

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:51 PM):
: shoot :

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:51 PM):
: dodge :

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:52 PM):
: nuclear bomb :

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:52 PM):
: cockroach shield :

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:52 PM):
: God's wrath lvl 10 :

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:52 PM):
: mulsim propaganda :
nullified  :P

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:53 PM):
: american warheads :
there ya go

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:53 PM):
: chinese human barricade :

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:54 PM):
: 1 dollar store :

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:54 PM):
wtf does that do???
thats not even sinister to me  <_<

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:54 PM):
cheap stuff, makes all the chinese run towards it  :P

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:54 PM):
they made it themselves
they won't bother buying it back 

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:55 PM):
doh! >_<

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:55 PM):

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:55 PM):
well then,
damnit, how do i get the chinese of the way!!

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (7:55 PM):
you cant
they just keep coming 

ऋषभ ठुकराल says (7:55 PM):
nothing can stop the chinese T_T
we're doomed


*sigh* Back to math now. Pray for me. Math exam on monday.



[offtopic]Message from Rishabh: "I love you mom!!"[/offtopic]



For the uninitiated, the title means "Z oh my god what the fuck barbecue". don't ask me why I said it, the acronym is just too much fun to use. :)


In other news, the movie The Golden Compass is (as expected) a poor thing, compared to the original story. The book, from what I remember of it, deals with a plot to overthrow God, Himself. America, being the conservative population as it is, will post probably not like a movie like it. So, that part was totally ignored. This, in all ways possible, took away the entire charm of the movie.

I'm waiting to see if the next few movies are better.

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In other news, Samit Basu's 3rd book of the Gameworld series is finally here!! I picked a copy up as soon as I saw it! The 1st book was The Simoquin Prophecy. Then came The Manticore's secret. I like the 1st book better. 2nd one seemed... strained. Like he was writing just to fill the pages. I'm hoping the 3rd one is better. :)

I couldn't find any pictures of the cover online, so I had to scan my copy. >_< Never got a book so early that I couldn't find it online!

The Unwaba Revelations - Samit Basu
ISBN: 0-14-310352-0

[Click image for larger view. 371kb]

I scanned the file. I wanted a GOOD quality scan. So I set it to 1200 dpi. That's 1200 dots per inch. That's 1200x1200 = 1,440,000 = 1.4 million dots per square inch! The image turned out to be like 5.7K pixels by 8.5K pixels. A whopping 140MB!!!

I took it into photoshop and reduced it. Took it down to what you see here. ^_^


In other news, I have my phone back. On my way to the movie theatre, having realised that the 12:30 show has been canceled, and the next convenient show was for 3pm. Having that much time on my hands, I decided to get off the bus, and go to the Sony Ericsson Service centre. I talked to the lady behind the counter about my phone. Here's a brief account of what happened:

"You remember I came here last week... I'd lost my job sheet, and then I got a court thingie that you said wasn't quite correct, and you said I had to talk to the manager, so here I am."

"The manager isn't here."

"Well... That's fine. But There's another thing. You remember how you said that I had given my phone on the 15th of august? Well.. I've thought it over, and there is no way this side of hell that I gave it to you on any day other than the 11th of December!"

"What was the name again? Let me check..."

I told her what she needed to know about my phone, and went to the seating area, pulled out my book [Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, incase you are wondering]

About a couple of minutes later, I got a call. It was someone from the service center. The reception at the place was pretty bad, so I hung up, and yelled at the counter for him to come out. The guy in the blue shirt was so bewildered. I guess not too many people are THAT prompt about the servicing decisions. Anyway, he talked to me about it. This is broken, that needs fixing, the entire rataz-mataz. He went back in to fix my phone. It would take half an hour, he said. I went back to my reading.

20 minutes later, the woman comes back out.

"I'm sorry, we don't have any phone like that for that date..."

Now this amused me. I figured that the reason she didn't find it was coz the guy was working on it then.

"Oh? that just is not right. Maybe you have placed it in some other section."

"No, that is impossible. We always follow proper procedures, and everything we put in or take out is properly labeled and catalogued. If you have given that phone to us on that day, or even a few days around that date, then there is no way that I am unable to find it now."

"Oh? There can always be cases when there is some error somewhere" I smiled. I think she took it to be the helpless smile of a person who's about to be busted for his con or something.

"No! I am sure. If it has been put inside, it will be labeled. If it is taken outside, it will be entered in the logs."

So it went back and forth for a while... The novelty of the situation wore off, so I stopped, told her to check with the guy in the blue shirt, and went back to my book.

Here's the best part. She let me have my phone without any documents, coz she "didn't want to make me do all the paperwork" after what  she called was "and inexcusable instance of oversight and bad management." I think she was just tired of doing the paperwork for her boss. :P



And here's a quick recap of the day's events. I got phone back. I got new book. I watched movie. I had fun. I need sleep.


Good night! ^_^

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Point a gun to my head. Paint the walls crimson red. Say goodbye to
these demons in my head... ?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sweet Nothings

Republishing an older poem of mine...


When I'm with you,
The stars may fade to day.
Time loses it's grip o'er me,
And nothing can pull me away.
From the sweetness of your smile,
The caress of your touch.
That twinkle in your eyes
When you laugh so much

It's time for me to go, my love,
In parting, let me just say...
Time loses all meaning when I'm with you
Guess what? I've already been here all day.


I still remember when I wrote it, and who it was for. Still brings a smile to my face. But only for so long...



I miss the time when life used to be easy. Easy as in, I could get away with slacking off every now and then. Everything's all so pivotal now. :(

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wish you the happiest new year!



Just came back home from HH's party. Was fun. :) It was g00d. Sucky food, but biriyani was nice, so can't complain much. Music wasn't to my taste, but that's never stopped me from enjoyin before.

This was the first time I spent new year's away from family. Usually it's like a huge thing with about 25~30 of us all goin out for dinner, or maybe a barbecue at home on the terrace. Whatever it was, it was always fun. But like, only less booze, and more chores. :P


To do something different this year,, I decided to wish as many people as I could. So this involved me importing my Gmail and Hotmail contact lists, weeding out the bad addresses, removing duplicates, and organizing them as comma seperated stuff. In the end, I had 813 unique email addresses. :D

For those of you who have not given me your email addresses for whatsoever reason of yours, I'd appreciate it if you did, sometime. It's always fun having another way to get in touch with you. :)


Alrighty. End of blog post. The espresso I've had can only do so much. After 4 regular drinks, and 2 neat shots of vodka, I think I should give this body a rest and doze off.

Oh and best of luck for me exams, I hope. >_<

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