Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's fun!

More random fun makin homophobic people uncomfortable! :D

NiNs said:

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ said:

NiNs says (18:07):

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (18:07):
fuck, hump
same difference!

NiNs says (18:08):
I know -_-
*sends squirrels to hump you*

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (18:10):
but but... i thought i was humping you!
ill do it

NiNs says (18:10):

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (18:10):
but only because I love you so much, do i put up with your weird fetishes

NiNs says (18:10):
dont act gay
its scaring me

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (18:11):
i'm gay????
you're the one who wants me to hump squirrels for your pleasure!
that's worse than gay!!!

NiNs says (18:11):
yeaits fun!



Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (14:04):
save us1!!!!

meghna - says (14:04):

Mihir Taichu - Cookie Craving Schizophrenic™ says (14:04):
i bet superman would be pelted with rotten tomatoes if HE ever said "brb"

Sex me up!!!

I usually keep politics out of my blog, but this is one issue I can't ignore. I don't want to ignore it!

The decision to introduce Sex Education in schools has, once again, been stalled and declared ebil.

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"It's against Indian Culture!" [I suppose we're a nation born of immaculate conceptions?]

"It will increase the number of crimes against women!" [The same way learning to drive has turned me into a hit and run vigilante and learning karate has turned me into a martial arts hudlum, right?]

"The kids will start becoming sexually active earlier than before!" [With all due respect, it's already happened. And mostly coz the kids are too stupid to know what's it about when it happens to them.]

"It will damage the sociocultural fabric of the nation and make kids aware of sex at a very early age.They will learn when they grow up." [I bet this bugger who said this just wanted to show off his vocabulary. "Oh loookie! I can make big words!" <_<]>Another MLA has the cheek to say that European countries need sex education because they have a declining population. Do these people even know what sex education is?? Seems unlikely. We're a nation of misinformed sex deprived maniacs now. No thanks to the various political bodies that have been continuously implementing rules and whims under the pretext of "keeping the moralities of the public in mind".Bloddy retards should stop taking the moral high ground every time they wanna blow something out of proportion to distract the public from the real issues.

Here's what wikipedia has to say about Sex Education.

"Sex education is a broad term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexual behavior."

The Times of India Carried a report yesterday, where this one girl said, "I used to think that condom was a kind of lingerie, coz all the condom adverts had pictures of scantily clad women in them." Funny? Not really. the chick in question is from a well to do family, goin to a posh school, and a good college... It's very very plausible.


Even if the newspaper reports are not to be believed, I can share my own personal experiences. One of my friends said that she never really knew about the relationship between sex and her menstrual cycles. When her mom gave her "the talk" she only said that it was a natural, normal part of the body's wear and tear process for girls. But not once did she talk about sex. The girl only realised the link between the two in the 12th grade, in the biology chapter for human reproduction.Majority of the people I know are only decently well informed about sex, but it's sketchy at best. I have been lucky enough to learn about it properly. My parents never quite had "the talk" with me. But I did have a decent book that pretty much answers everything. I guess when my relationship with my parents wasn't exactly the soap opera hugs-at-the-end-of-the-day kind, so I never really expected a "talk" in the first place. But it was nice to have the facts in front of me before my head was screwed up in the school play ground. My 7th grade science teacher had a sex ed session with us. Guys and girls separately, to keep things from getting awkward. It was good. :)



I remember, in the 3rd grade, the song "Who the *dash* is Alice?" was all the rage. The seniors all used to chant it in their scandalous way in school, makin fun of the kids who didn't know what the *dash* meant. I didn't. After a lot of thought, I figured it was "Who the *hell* is Alice?". That was pretty scandalous, right? Apparently, not enough. Once, on the slides, I asked my then best friend about it.

"Who the dash is Alice?" "Who the fuck is Alice!"  "What's that?" "Wel... its like when a guy puts his thing in the girl's thing." The second friend was nodding away in a sagely manner behind us, verifying the authenticity of the definiton. I didn't believe him, but I nodded anyway. Noone wants to stand out, right? About a year later, we had the internet at home. Google was just starting up back then. One of my friends had proudly demonstrated how easy it was to search for, and look at a naked Pamela Anderson Lee. I had no concept of who she was, or why she was so famous. I wasn't even interested in the nudie pics my friend was goin through... All I remember from that day was the fascination with the concept of a way to search for any and all things I might think of, including, but not restricted to naked women. I honestly can't imagine what my life would have been like without Google search.

taurius1Getting back to the topic, it's a sad thing that the political figureheads are all moving against the introduction of sex education in schools. I'm going to get back into my shell of apathy. The only reason I avoid thinking about serious issued because it depresses me to think about how stupid most people involved in it are being. And how helpless I am to make them change their point of view. Still, best of luck to you all! Oh, and don't forget. Safe Sex is the best sex!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am my music


If you love your music, you will love this.



AudioSurf, it's called. Surf on your music. The game makes the racetracks using the music you give it. Sheer brilliance. It has to be the best game I've played in a long time. I don't remember being this addicted to a game before Zuma... And Audiosurf beats everything else. I've been playing it for 3 hours and I haven't even tried out more than 2 of the dozen odd characters/spaceships available in the game.

Why does this game appeal to me so much?

It's simple.
It's easy to play.
It's got loads of bling.
It always plays the music I want! :D

I don't think any game gets better than this!

Try it out, if you can. It costs about 10$ on steam, but I didn't get it from there. ;)

*goes back to playing Audiosurf*

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Mac sucks

Yes, I like PC more than Mac.


Run Away


You wait. You wait all your life (or what seems like it!) for that something special to happen in your life. It could be gettin your first car. It could be getting accepted in the university you've always wanted to. Maybe that girl in the bus smiled at you today. But now that I have it, why am I not happy any more?
Why was I happier waiting for the thing to happen to me? It's almost as it the thing never mattered as much as waiting in anticipation, discipline of the mind, long night spent wondering how it would be like when it finally happens to you... all that ceases to be of any meaning once the thing's been achieved.
Pundits might say, move on, then. To the next fantasy, next idea, next life-changing event. But I wonder. What next? More importantly, why? If this thing didn't keep me happy, why should the next?
Why should only the absence of a thing so longed for bring happiness unlike anything else comparable?

One spends the life, doing certain things. Said things are supposed to bring one in possession of all manner of nice stuff. This stuff usually brings success, companionship, admiration in the eyes of others, and a whole host of things. All aforementioned crap supposedly makes one happy. What exactly is happy?

Why am I more happy ignoring my studies and spending my time doing things that show immediate results? Why do I like spending time with someone helping them with their project more than I like making the project on my own? One is supposed to have an innate understanding that if one does not study / do as directed, one will be a hopelessly miserable failure in life, with no prospects and zilch social standing. But can one still be happy?

Why am I insisting on using the word "one" all the time? Am I avoiding the issue by not referring to myself? Should one always talk from one's own point of view? Hmm... The "one" does seem a tad distant and less accusatory towards myself. :/

Right now I need to clear my head. Haven't been thinking so much for so long in a long time. I think I'm gonna start reading Shantaram again. Here's a beautiful quote from the book:

"Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything but tears."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Agent Orange



ZOMG My PC's finally working, new motherboard and everything! No false alarms this time. :D

I've got a Striker II Formula. It's sweet. Looking at this motherboard, I've finally understood what people mean when they say, "My motherboard's so sexy, I wanna take my pants off"...


Have a look see :D

It's got everything but the kitchen sink! :D

Oh, and now that my PC's back, my web server's back online. My music, my data, everything, on teh web!!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Life seems to be doin the same stuff again and again....

Image Hosted by

Wake up. Roll out of bed. Keep Kiro sufficently away so as to not let him stick his tongue up my nose. Brush. Other mundane body maintainance activites. Half a breakfast. Run for the bus. Haggle for change for the bus fare. Fight for exit. Run to college. Walk slowly past admin office. Run up stairs. Bunk lecture. Barista. Iced cafe latte. No sugar. Free extra shot of espresso. Walk back to busstop. Resolve to not walk 2 hours in the sun everyday like I did today. Get back home. Cold shower. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Dinner. Blog post.

Right from the time I got up, I've had a tune goin through my mind. It even had an impossibly beatiful arabian dancer swaying her hips to the tune at times...  It's time a made it my new ring tone. ^_^

I see a different you

A thought occured to me last week, but i didn't think it merited any extensive contemplation. But seeing how it's appeared in Shantaram (I started reading it today...), almost exactly like I thought of it, i'm gonna put it down here.
"Being a 'civilized' man seems to be more about what i should not be doing in a given situation, than what i should."

Is it just me, or do things seem more profound in print? I'd been walking by the gateway of india, and walking towards me, was a very beautiful girl. About my age, i guess. Brown hair, grey eyes. She was wearing a pretty lime green salwar kameez with a leaf shaped neckline that accented her cleavage rather well.
At that moment, it hit me. Most of life is about what i'm not supposed to do.
It's not polite to stare at someone's breasts. It's not right to be too audible with our bodily functions in public. It's improper when i wear shorts to college. Noone appreciates me the truth when the practice of "overlooking" the issue has saved everyone the embarrasment of dealing with it.
Hmmm... Whenever i start thinking about what defines the "cultured" person, all i can think of is a number of rules, a list of dos and don'ts, with people being more fickle about them than the one before.
Hmmm... I should develop an etiquette about having cookies sometime...

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