Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm back online!!




I'm back online!! :)

I went to my farmhouse today. The only thing I distinctly remember from the drive is that the countryside is so beautiful when it's green.

Happy day!!! ^_^

I wants cookies to celebrate!!! :D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Traffic children?

That's the children traffic park. The park where you traffic children. Or so i'd like to think. This happened yesterday. Long walk 'round town, loads of happy thoughts. And aching feet afterwards.

That's all inconsequential, I suppose. The morning after, everything seems inconsequential. Late night caffeine induced insomnia, hereafter referred to as LaNCInI, only because I wanted to make it seem like a medical condition, not an end result of some weak minded indulgence at 10.00 pm, causes me to subdivide my sentences too often, causing me to use the comma more often than the prescribed thrice in a sentence limit, as I have just done. Anyone who can capture the weak sense of irony I was trying to convey in the previous sentence is much appreciated, and the rest of the population can go sodomize a transvestite clown OD-ed on viagra.

Vacation time's a peculiar thing. When I was a kid, I never liked prolonged vacations. That is quite understandable. I lived more than 5 kilometers away from my school, and as a result, never met my friends except during school hours. The only way to share my thoughts and ideas outside of the school premises was over the phone. The phone was my lifeline, my only means of keeping in touch with the people I'd grown to like and admire. I even fell in love for the first time over the phone. Now that I'm older, I know the cost of a conversation. And not just in money terms.

There's a world of hope, happiness, and a whole lot of other emotions that ride on a simple exchange between two people. I find every interaction with another person priceless, letting me peep a bit more into their lives.

I think I've completely forgotten what I wanted to write about in this blog post by now. I doubt it matters much. I think it would have been a vague reference to my personal life, how I keep on wondering why the girl didn't reply and what should I be doing to not feel depressed about my academic future.

Yeah, that was it. Girl still hasn't replied, I have no idea if it's an honest delay or if she's playing games. I hate it when people try to figure out how much they mean to you by means of near sadistic emotional manipulation. Can't my actions speak for themselves?

I wonder how many people feel it's unfair that the loser in the book/movie gets the girl/guy but the loser staring back at you in the mirror doesn't. I suppose you watch enough movies and read enough happily-ever-afters, you'll start getting that gnawing feeling. That maybe your life won't get screwed up too. Gives you hope, maybe?

Speaking of hope, here's one major change in me I never thought would happen for a long, long time. I no longer have a manic fire driving me to make my blog popular. It's probably an extension of all my other thought processes rebaini event horizon, but it's still a bit unsettling. It's not everyday you see you ego taking an unplanned vacation.

I think I should go to sleep now. The voices in my head are chanting again.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Note to Self. It is not fun being sloshe

Cheers! ^_^
- Mihir

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Slow and steady

Rickshaws have an upper speed limit. It's 40kmph. Not a bit more. I'm sure anyone who's been in bombay has noticed this. You'll really notice it when you're stuck driving behind one in a one lane road. I guess you really can't expect too much from something with an engine that fits under a seat the size of a park bench.

Three people in this contraption slows it down a lot. It becomes especially frustrating on the highway, where every car is going ahead of you.

In the end, we took to finding happiness as our rickshaw over took the cars parked by the side of the road.

Not Happening!

Happening... NOT!!

I'm pretty sure that's what most people around me were saying when they saw the movie. It reminds me of a Cloverfield but not through a Home movie camera.


But seriously. The Movie was boring. The acting might have been good, but the only thing keeping it on the screens is the fact that it's by our dear M N S. Not the political entity. The film maker. I'll be damned if I ever remember how to spell his name.

This is the sum total of the movie.

ZOMG ppls are killing themselves!!
run away!
Oh noes! Moar ppl dead!
The plants did it.
The plants see us as a threat.
In some other part of the world, <as expected> oh noes people are killin themselves!

I'm not kidding. That is all that is there to the movie! While the direction may be good, the movie's got no substance to keep me entertained.

I guess the moral of story is "Kill the trees before they kill you!"

*Distributes the axes*

<This review was sponsored by cleavage flaunting chics sitting in the seats in front of me in the cinema hall>

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Of coffee and conversations

I'm free!!
With the exam finally over and done with, I can start sleeping again. I hear I look scary now with my bloodshot eyes. ^_^

It's either that, or start my reading marathon again. :)

Either way, it's fun.

But without any work to keep me busy, I don't think I'll enjoy the co curriculars so much.
There's no fun in not doing things. The real fun lies in having lots of things to do and mov doing them, right?

I'm supposed to spend today thinking about my exam, and my life in general. This contemplation's usually sent to my personal blog, but I'll start typing it out here. If you see it, I've found nothing overly scandalous about my thoughts in it, and if you can't see, you probably won't be reading the last couple of lines anyway, so I really have no Idea i'm addressing the contingency of this being a private post as if it was going to be public...
I'm confused about what I just wrote. It's tough piecing together long sentences when you can't read what you've written a minute ago. :(

So my day was fun. After the exam, dinner was as OvenFresh at Shivaji Park. With about half my salsa batch. I had fun. Caffeine is a wonderful conversation stimulus. I was even talking to my mashed potatos for a while. ^_^

I'm too tired to do anything, but I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep for a while. I think me and the mashed potatos should have a heart to heart some other time. Maybe when I'm not as hungry. It's hard to keep talking to something that's gradually diminishing in size.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Oing poing toing?

I want to remember my study skills again! It's sucky not knowing how to study. :(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Another day in paradise? I Think not. i just heard Jay Z and Brandy's cover of Phil Collins' beautiful song. They've really butchered it. :( I dunno if the recording will play on the blog, but i've attached it while posting this marrie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Too much coffee can never be bad, right? :)

Kill the Pie!!

Kill the Pie!!

Kill! Kill!! KILL!!!

<This public service message is brought to you by the voices in my head>

I'm Rich!!

What do you say when you wall into a coffee shop to find out that you've left your wallet at home and nothing in your pocket cept for your previous visit's bill and 5 bucks in notes?

"I'm rich!!"

That's what my friend Shunal says, anyway.

We'll be forming the CCA soon. Company of Caffeine Addicts.

Long live the Caffeine!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'll regret tomorrow more than yesterday

This is our decision,
To live fast and die young.
We got the vision,
Now lets have some fun.

Mother... Nature.

I'm standing at prabhadevi seaface right now, and i just witnessed the rains sweep over bandra. I have never seen rain from afar before. There are no words to describe how i feel when I see the weather at work. Makes me want to hide.

Indian Rain Dance

it's been wonderfully cool for the better part of the day. The sky's overcast. I can hear the thunder rumbling over the sound of my music on my headphones. I'm within pissing distance of the sea. It should start drizzling within the next few minutes. I love this. ^_^

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Live Naturally

"I grew up in a world where music played when birds were in the mood to chirp. Where fashion statements weren't mass manufactured. Where greys and laugh lines were celebrated and not mourned. Where water was filled with natural minerals - sodium, calcium, potassium - served warm or chilled, depending on the time of the day. In keeping with the times, we've just put a label on it."

This water tastes like the hard water supplied my tankers to most places in town. The very reason we prefer to ask for (usually tasteless) bottled water. -_-"

25 bucks a bottle for something that's just as bad as the water on tap, it's really rather pointless.

Marketing can sell anything, I suppose. :/

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