Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bag it!!

Everyone loves their favorite pair of jeans, don't they?
It's so bloddy hard to find a decent pair that fits and feels *just* prefect.
It's even more sad when you have to toss them away coz they don't look decent any more, or something or the other...

Yeah, it's the story in everyone's lives. This time around, I decided to recycle my pants. I turned my cargo pants into a ruck sack. ^_^

It's big, it's roomy, it's perfect to toss stuff in and run off with last minute plans to go out of the city for the weekend! :D

In other news, I finally got photoshop to work on my PC again. Without requiring the usual reformat, ofcourse. So, I've made a new wallpaper. Check it out. Not a bad effort, even if it wasn't made by me, eh? ^_^


Signing off, for now. Going back to studying. For some reason, I actually don't mind spending time doing my assignments. ^_^

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Here's a Birthday poem I wrote. ^_^

It’s that day again,
That comes only once a year.
A day that belongs to you,
(just like three hundred odd others?)

So smile in the mirror,
Give yourself a pat on the back.
Walk without regrets,
And never look back.

The last year’s brought you so much,
This year will turn out for the best.
Wish you unlimited moments of joy,
With your family and friends.

Have a Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My life, My Coffee

I have a little "talk about something in front of an audience" happening this saturday... This is what I've ended up writing. Please do read it, and let me know what you think, and more importantly, if you think it's suitable to be read out loud...

I remember my first tryst with the espresso, when I was 14 years old. Back then Barista was making it’s presence felt in the city, and people were gradually getting used to the coffee house culture. Way back then, it was a novelty, and I was fascinated with the very idea of a place exclusively for coffee. Everyone ends up fixating on something when they’re growin up, if for no other reason than it just seems like “a fun thing to do”.
So there I was, that day, alone, in the Barista at Santa Cruz, wondering what to order. The only thing I could identify from the menu was the unassuming “espresso italiano”. I knew what I was getting into. I ordered it. The barista raised his eyebrow and gave me the usual disclaimer about the coffee being black and strong and stuff… I waved it away and insisted that he bring me “the best espresso he’s ever made”.
So he brings me my coffee, I thank him, and he goes away to attend to the other customers. I peered over the edge of the cup. Quite nervously I should add… That pool of blackness. Bitter, arousing, sweet coffee. The very aroma of the coffee… the first time I smelled my first shot of espresso gave me goose bumps.


That first whiff fired up my senses… I immediately sat up straight. I shuddered. I felt the rich taste of the beans, the fullness of the roast, and the shy but definite presence of what I later found out was the crema…

The hair on the back of my neck was standing, my eyes shot open, for a briefest bit, I could hear a whole lot of new sounds. Sound I didn’t think were there in the café in the first place…

I had a sudden… awareness of everything around me. I kid you not, that first moment, my first flirtations with caffeine; I was in a totally different world. Now, you might say I’m exaggerating, but I still remember it vividly. And I still get that exact same feeling of blissful oneness with everything, every time I smell a fresh, well brewed shot of espresso.
This was only the first impression of the drink. The tasting was another matter altogether.

After that experience with just a whiff, I was too impatient to taste it. But I let it cool a bit. A shot of espresso’s traditionally had in a single gulp, much like a liquor shot.
Finally, the inevitable. I brought the cup to my lips. The bewitching aroma was already playing with my mind, and the taste was nothing but an explosive contrast. The aroma was what I can only describe as seductive, sensual, and flirtatious. The taste of the liquid was anything but! It was harshly bitter, cruelly lingering on my tongue long after I’d gulped it down. But wait… after the espresso had gone down, there was still another surprise! The crema, the foam that floats on the top of the drink, it left a beautiful coffee taste on my palette. It was comforting, bitter-sweet, very, very smooth with the taste, and intense with the body.
I’ll admit it was a shock the first time I had it. The taste of an espresso begs to be rejected the first moment you have it. But only for as long. I’ve grown up loving it.

It was only a few years later I was able to fully able to understand and appreciate this drink. I’ve tasted espressos from various blends of beans from all over the world… The extreme Indian beans, the light Columbian, the original Ethiopian, The sweetish Jamaican, the nutty Brazilian, the spicy Yemeni, the ever popular and smooth Java and Sumatran, and my favorite, the Arabic blend. I only hope more people can grow to enjoy this drink, and savor the subtle tastes it has to offer.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cloudy Nights


On cloudy nights like this,
With the moon flirting in the sky,
I wonder how much you love me,
Sometimes I wonder why...

The time we spend together,
doing every stupid little thing.
Treading new grounds everyday,
Uncertain birds spreading their wings.

I thought I wanted the secret of life,
I thought I wanted to know the Truth.
But cloudy nights make me realise,
All I want is you...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


My very first bread!
Basil garlic bread. ^_^
It's a bit low on salt, but that shouldn't matter with soup. :)

Here's the recipe I tried out. >> here << It's not as detailed as I would have liked, considering it's my first time with bread :blushes:... but I managed pretty decently. Except for the 1st batch for which I ended up using corn flour. :( The second one turned out nice, as you can see.

I think I can open up a bakery in a couple of years. :D

Saturday, July 05, 2008

For your protection?

With the ever present threat of terrorist attacks in public places, the local railways have decided to implement the use of metal detectors at all railway stations.

So now, we have a bunch of metal detectors placed at all entry and exit points. Enough to cover the entire doorway and make sure that everyone MUST step through them. Fine. Smart idea. NOT!

I don't see anyone minding the things. There's nothing to tell them when the detectors are set off due to a hand gun or a mobile phone. Naturally, the police posted there won't be stopping and checking everyone who passes through those gates. It's pretty much the same as before, except now, fewer people can get in at a time, thanks to the metal detectors.

And it's not restricted to just railway stations. Malls have to have them too. Most security personel just turn it off, to keep from being driven insane by the false alarms.

With such a critical flaw in the entire idea, I wonder who even thought it's gonna help keep the bad guys away? ...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


All this fun for 100 bucks a head. ^_^
This is probably the only good part of Daman.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gremlins in the engine room!

Actually, it's just a rat.
Just to bring you up to speed, here's the story so far. Last night, rahul calls me up and says we're going to Daman. Leaving at 7 am. Hmmm... So far so good. Until about the time that we reach Vasai, that is. Here, the fun begins. The car, a Toyota Qualis, suddenly and inexplicably stalls. And it refuses to start again.
About a couple of minutes after we popped open the hood, we noticed the problem.
There was a rat in the damned engine. Yeah. A rat. I don't know how he got there. He should have died of a heart attack the moment the engine started.
I'm pretty accomodating. I wouldn't mind sharing my engine. But the rat's broken the accelerator, arrantly. And he's gone away before I could get him. :(
We're waiting for the rental agency to send another car. :)

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