Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why don’t mosquitoes bite me?

( aka why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others? )

I’ve never had too many problems with mosquitoes. The biggest complaint I’ve had about them is that they buzz around near my head at night. They never seem to bite me. At least that used to be the case.

Mosquitoes DID in fact, start biting me these last few weeks. Strangely enough, I’d also cut down on my caffeine intake to almost zero. I was wondering if it was related in any way.


A bit of research online, which I won’t bother linking over here, has led to a new revelation.
Caffeine consumption is good to ward off mosquitoes. That’s right. That early morning cup of java could help you avoid malaria and the likes.

How? Here’s how. Caffeine in the blood stream prevents breakdown of thiamine aka vitamin B1. Presence of thiamine in the blood acts as a repulsive agent towards mosquitoes. I have switched back to my high caffeine diet immediately.

Now the consequences of the non-breakdown-age of thiamine might has it’s own health problems, but I’ll leave that for you guys to find out. I’m just happy mosquitoes don’t bite me.

Here’s another question. Why does my dad have mosquito bite problems when he has two~three cups of coffee a day? I think the answer lies in the fact that my coffee is based on freshly brewed espressos, and his is instant coffee. That’s not even real coffee anyway. So I guess the potency of the coffee makes a difference. :)

Sleep tight! ^_^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keep Away From The Cyanide… Entertaining the people everywhere…

So I’m lookin at my logs today. I notice something. Something wierd.

This link led someone from Saudi Arabia to This Page on My Blog.

It’s nice to know my blog is providing some form of entertainment to the people in Saudi Arabia. After all,, where else would they get hot oral photos?? :D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5800 music library won’t refresh

My 5800, like any old symbian phone, refuses to work properly. Point in case: music library refuses to refresh. Podcasting application refuses to start up. In both cases, a mid of a small procedure in windows does the trick.

Solution? I got this from nokia forums. Works like a charm.

Image Hosted by

1. Connect your 5800 to you PC in Mass Storage Mode OR connect the microSD to your PC via a Memory card reader'/adapter.

2. On your PC you will need to have allowed to "Show" hidden files, do this from Explorer/Tools/ Folder Options/ View and select "Show hidden files and Folder"

3. Open your SD memory card/Removable Disk in My Computer on PC

4. Right click anywhere in the contents of the SD card/Removable disk. Click on Properties. Find the Tools tab. There, under Error Checking, click on Check Now... Put check marks on both options. Start the disk check. Wait for it to finish. You might get a dialogue box saying "Some errors have been found and fixed....". This is of no consequence. Proceed to next step.

5. Go to E:\Private there you will see 3 folders 101f8857, 101ffca9 and 10281e17 .

6. Go to E:\Private\101f8857\Cache\E there you will see .dat files. Delete all the .dat file BUT NOT the E Folder.

7. Now go to E:\Private\101ffca9 there you will see another .dat file, Delete the dat file NOT the folder.
8. Finally go to E:\Private\10281e17 There you should see 4 files 2 are Mp3 files other are Podcast files. Delete mpxv2_2.db & mpxv2_2.db-journal for Mp3 files list and Delete pcv6_1.db & pcv6_1.db-journal for Podcast files list.

9. Close all windows and restart your Phone. Go to Music Library and it should automatically start a refresh.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ZOMG I'm pirating musics!

Since all the torrent trackers are goin down one by one... here's a new neat way to share your music.

How ? This is how:

Click here for image

Easy. Save the image to your PC. Open it up in Photoshop. Save as a RAW file with 0 header and same dimensions. Rename the extension to *.m4a

Enjoy. ^_^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh look! Retards on the road!

So one of my neighbors’ sons is getting married. Oh joy. Like all other delusional retards, he thinks it’s a good thing to capture the road outside the house by setting up a Mandap, calling the full brass band and dancing chickens to cluck cluck their way all the way from the chapel to their house. Yes. Did I mention they’re Christians? Yeh. Even I thought they had decent quiet functions and stuff and stuff. <_<

So today is the second day of the festivities. The groom brought the bride home today. I’m not even sure if it’s his house. The idiotic neighbour manages to bring every idiot from his village whenever they get married.

Idiotic neighbour: “O dun wory gais! I has a road outside mai house we can captures!”
Village idiots: “Hoorah! Hooray! Lets start the noise!”

Meuh. People need to learn to be more civil. Oh wait. One thing I should mention. Just so that noone thinks I’m being too critical of them, I would like to point out that I commend them for shutting off their brass band and noise at midnight yesterday. Only 2 hours after the deadline. Nice! The previous bunch of idiots who got married had their drunken revelry on until 2 am. <_<

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iced Tea

I love my coffee. But every now and then, like when I can’t sleep two nights in a row, I prefer to switch to iced teas. So iced tea might sound like a fancy thing, but it’s really very simple. If you’ve never made iced tea on your home before, you should try it this evening. Quite possibly, you might feel stupid getting your fix of iced tea from your local cafe for about a hundred bucks.


What you need:

12~14 ice cubes
1 1/2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of tea powder
1 Lemon. Halved.
Powdered Sugar (If you think you need it)
Alternate to sugar suggested
Fruit juice concentrate like strawberry, blueberry, mango or any flavour you fancy.
Tall glass
Sprig of mint for garnish
Straw, if you like sipping it that way. :)


How to do it:

Pour 1 1/2 cups of water in a steel vessel.
Bring the water to boil on a high flame.
When the water is boiling, toss in all the tea powder, and lower the flame before the water boils over. It usually takes less than a second, so be careful.
Turn the flame off in about 30 seconds ~ 1 minutes. The longer you leave the heat on with the tea in , the stronger is the tea flavour.

Once you have your tea, pour it through a sieve into a tall metal glass full with icecubes. Stir until the ice dissolves. If you want to add sugar, or juice concentrate add it now. I usually add about 1/4th cup of fruit concentrate. So by now, you should now have a pretty chilled iced tea.

In a transparent glass, dump the rest of the ice cubes. Pour the iced tea into this glass, place a sprig of mint on the top and serve. ^_^

There you have it. Easy. Simple. Fast.

You are welcome.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Management of Information Systems



Key to Success in any MIS paper. Make sure your answer has at least 7~8 of these words. You’re sure to get marks if you litter your answer with these words. P

manger's participation
production logistics
detailed design
information need
defining problem
Tasks and Activities
Information flow

Many thanks to Ishan for compiling this list. ^_^

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

FYI = For Your Information

FYI, this is what Sunday night Sundae should be. This, or something more fun.

Brownie a la mode


La Pièce de Résistance: Freshly Baked Brownies
The Awesomesauce: Fresh Hot Chocolate Almond Fudge [Haha! See what I did there?]
Honorable Mention: Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream



Saturday, December 05, 2009

Assured gifts?

A few months ago, I said goodbye to most of my best friends as they left the country to find greener pastures outside India. It made me pause and rethink what I am doing right now. I still can't help but wonder what's to become of me a few years down the line...

I want a magic formula for success. I want life to work out just that way I think it should. I want to not worry about making wrong decisions. I want to stay happy. I want to not stay stuck in one place while the rest of the world moves on... 

But I guess, at the end of the day, I just want. Lets see if I can change that to an "I got".

Google DNS

Google DNS is the latest free thing that Google has to offer. But the question is, how many people are buying it?


To put it simply, DNS is the internet switchboard that converts your web address (eg: ) into a server ip (eg: And no, that is not blogger’s ip, So don’t try it. So anyway, it’s long been traditionally the ISP’s role of providing a good and fast DNS. And most ISPs manage to get cheap and inefficient DNS that is not the best one you need. So Google has a brilliant idea of providing their own DNS.

They’re not the first ones to do it. OpenDNS has been around for a few years now, and they offer many more services than what Google currently does. But over time, who knows what they’ll bring to the table?

I’m trying out Google DNS as we speak. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in surfing speeds, but I haven’t conducted any proper comparison between my ISP’s DNS and Google Public DNS. Maybe I’ll get around to it soon. ^_^

EDIT: Just tried out different DNS servers. MTNL, OpenDNS and Google Public Server

There’s no noticeable difference between ping timings for most of the websites I visit. And from what it seems, websites hosted in India seem to respond about 2 or 3 ms faster with my ISP’s DSN than with Google’s DNS. But then again, that might be because they weren’t in Google’s cache and had to be fetched from another DNS server. All in all, I don’t see any reason to change my DNS server. If you’re paranoid about what Google does with your data, you might not want to change. If you get tired of the search result pages your ISP redirects you to incase of invalid URLs, you might want to change. But I don’t see the average user changing his DNS unless his ISP is blocking websites or the like. (MTNL DNS was incapable of resolving msn and msn related services for a few months.

For more information on Google Public DNS, and a tutorial to implement it on your own, Google Public DNS.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Viva Voce

We had our vivas in college last week. I know these things get stupid and ridiculous sometimes, but somehow, this photo I took in class takes the cake. :)



Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Command Thee

Do not think about purple zebras doing the Can-Can.

Who am I? I’m a geek.



Face it. It’s not easy being a geek. It might be fun, but it’s not easy. You grow up with a distorted view of the world, mostly shaped by being bullied and ostracized from almost every group around you. It’s not that you don’t want to be popular. You’d love to be popular. Everyone would. But at what cost? I pride myself for my intelligence. If I was given a choice to be amongst the popular kids, but at the cost of being only of average intelligence, I’ll gladly refuse.

I remember in school, everyone was set in their own groups. The cool kids sat the middle right, next to the windows. The nerds were in the middle left. The smart teachers pets were in the front row. The average students populated the centre of the class as a buffer for the disinterested jocks who went on with their random nonsense at the back of the class… It almost never changed. It’s true that there would be very few people who could comfortably move between groups, any such interactions were always kept to a sheer minimum. Everyone would talk to the smart front benchers for a while, until they got their homework done. The smart kids felt like they “belonged” for those precious few seconds and didn’t mind sharing the homework. The cute girls always stayed together, and only ever ventured into the realm of less pretty mortals when they needed a favour. During such occasions, the boys would gladly jump over each other to bend over backwards and do the favour asked for… The nerds pretty much kept to themselves. Except for when they needed to get something from the teachers. Then they’d trade their homework or something of the sort in exchange for having their point of view presented to the teachers by the more charismatic students. The geeks and nerds got a temporary boost in popularity if they’re seen with the popular kids. There would be a girl who liked the geeks, but wouldn’t be caught talking with one. Like popularity, even unpopularity is contagious. It is a ridiculous social dynamic that doesn’t go away, even in the real world.

It might seem like I’m exaggerating this scenario here, especial here coz my class was pretty decent compared to some others I’ve seen.. but at the heart of it all, the divisions were still there. The walls always existed. There were a few people I knew who had their head above the crowd and could identify these strange relationships. And they made use of them. If I could, I would have told my 14 year old self, “Stop being that way! It’s one be charade! Look!”

School and college are brutal for anyone who is different. Usually it’s a difference of intelligence. It’s not like the bullies envy the intelligence of the smarter nerds and geeks. It’s more of a bonding thing. Bonding with other bullies. Not bonding with their victims. Most bullies hunt in packs. A common enemy gives them their bond and strengthens their relationship. It’s like how men go fishing together. It’s not that they hate the fish. They just need something to do together. It’s like how politicians collectively criticize random entrepreneurs or social worker. They don’t hate them. they just need something to divert public attention from the main issues. I’ve never been the target of too much bullying in school, but I’d seen it happen to other kids, and sometimes it got brutal. And even though it was humiliating and debasing, the victims never wanted to make any official complaints or bring the parents into it. I suppose it was a thing of pride to solve one’s own problems, even if there was no conceivable way of doing so. All the bullying I went through only served to highlight how different I was from everyone else, and served as a constant reminder that I was smarter than them. They never got the answers right the first time around. They never managed to have innovative insights in class about problems. I accepted the alienation and bullying as a part of it.

This very alienation from most of my peers has been the fundamental defining factor of my personality. I have always strived to stand out from the crowd. I used my books as a crutch to justify my unwillingness to mingle with others, and after a point, insisted on not socialising to justify my books. I rather liked it. I always had an aura of “smart kid reading hi-funda books” around me. It felt nice to be identified with something. Even at the cost of a splintered and near non existent social life.

Being a geek had it’s uses. And the occasional angsty self feeding loop of I-have-no-friends-I-don’t-need-friends just made me appreciate the friends I have even more. And the people who’d dared to get to know me better always appreciated the friendship. I’d like to think so. All things said and done, I’ve had a great life. Despite the geek tag.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wub wub?

Leena*: What is this you guy and the wub anyway?

Me: It is the very nature of the word wub that lends itself to it's own significance. The wubs is in us all, and has the capacity to change one's outlook of everything else around us, especially that to which the wub is directed. With the proper wub, anything can be transformed into this awesome entity that inspires happiness and joy. The intrinsic nature of wub is only as powerful as the owner's belief in the wub. When you find youself unable to feel the wub, you are fail. The proper and timely application of wub in your life shall only enrich it and make your ventures fruitful and help you achieve your goals. There is enough wub in a single person to overcome any barrier of  language, culture, misunderstanding, and even bad breath, sometimes. Yes. Wub is that awesome.

In short, wub is a wubly word. :)

* Avanika’s name has been changed to Leena to protect her identity"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

These points of data make a beautiful line…

first up, New song stuck in my head!


Still Alive from Portal. Jonathan Coulton wrote the song. The man is so awesome, he plays the game once, and just writes the song. And it is a triumph!! :P




Aaah This is stugggggg!!! Hhaaallp!!!111oneone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Photos…



So it’s random photo time. Random photos from my phone.. :)

First off, Here’s the cute pooch I saw at the Cinemax Growel’s this Tuesday…

She was so frisky!!


And just around the corner, is the place you’d go to do your business behind the bushes. Literally. :P

Now this signage here just screams “Pure B.S.!!! “   :P

And finally, how do you know it’s been a successful party? Well.. Let me put it this way… all the bottles here were sealed at the beginning of the party… So you decide. :P

Good night everyone. Sleep deprivation isn’t fun when there’s family around.

Friday, November 13, 2009



you sir, can you perhaps offer me some advice?


that is one thing i dispense freely
that, and smile
well, that, smiles, and hugs
advice, smiles, hugs and sharing my knowledge of muffins!
no no...
something's not quite right there...




advice, smiles, hugs, sharing my knowledge of muffins and tooth brushes
you should always keep spare tooth brushes for friends who stay over.
It would be criminal to charge them for it.
so yes,
you wanted to have a rational adult conversation with me about something.... ?


is offline.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nom! Nom! Nom!

Night stays are fun. On the menu: Stewed Chicken with Noodles. It
turned out well. I feel good. :)

Oh well. Back to my apple juice vodka. :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ode to the Nice Guys




Ode to the Nice Guys
This rant was written for the Wharton Undergraduate Journal

This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back and sit patiently outside the changing room at department stores. This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny/sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support. This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This is in honor of the guys who respect a girl’s every facet, from her privacy to her theology to her clothing style.

Image Hosted by

This is for the guys who escort their drunk, bewildered female friends back from parties and never take advantage once they’re at her door, for the guys who accompany girls to bars as buffers against the rest of the creepy male population, for the guys who know a girl is fishing for compliments but give them out anyway, for the guys who always play by the rules in a game where the rules favor cheaters, for the guys who are accredited as boyfriend material but somehow don’t end up being boyfriends, for all the nice guys who are overlooked, underestimated, and unappreciated, for all the nice guys who are manipulated, misled, and unjustly abandoned, this is for you.

This is for that time she left 40 urgent messages on your cell phone, and when you called her back, she spent three hours painstakingly dissecting two sentences her boyfriend said to her over dinner. And even though you thought her boyfriend was a chump and a jerk, you assured her that it was all ok and she shouldn’t worry about it. This is for that time she interrupted the best killing spree you’d ever orchestrated in GTA3 to rant about a rumor that romantically linked her and the guy she thinks is the most repulsive person in the world. And even though you thought it was immature and you had nothing against the guy, you paused the game for two hours and helped her concoct a counter-rumor to spread around the floor. This is also for that time she didn’t have a date, so after numerous vows that there was nothing “serious” between the two of you, she dragged you to a party where you knew nobody, the beer was awful, and she flirted shamelessly with you, justifying each fit of reckless teasing by announcing to everyone: “oh, but we’re just friends!” And even though you were invited purely as a symbolic warm body for her ego, you went anyways. Because you’re nice like that.

The nice guys don’t often get credit where credit is due. And perhaps more disturbing, the nice guys don’t seem to get laid as often as they should. And I wish I could logically explain this trend, but I can’t. From what I have observed on campus and what I have learned from talking to friends at other schools and in the workplace, the only conclusion I can form is that many girls are just illogical, manipulative bitches. Many of them claim they just want to date a nice guy, but when presented with such a specimen, they say irrational, confusing things such as “oh, he’s too nice to date” or “he would be a good boyfriend but he’s not for me” or “he already puts up with so much from me, I couldn’t possibly ask him out!” or the most frustrating of all: “no, it would ruin our friendship.” Yet, they continue to lament the lack of datable men in the world, and they expect their too-nice-to-date male friends to sympathize and apologize for the men that are jerks. Sorry, guys, girls like that are beyond my ability to fathom. I can’t figure out why the connection breaks down between what they say (I want a nice guy!) and what they do (I’m going to sleep with this complete ass now!). But one thing I can do, is say that the nice-guy-finishes-last phenomenon doesn’t last forever. There are definitely many girls who grow out of that train of thought and realize they should be dating the nice guys, not taking them for granted. The tricky part is finding those girls, and even trickier, finding the ones that are single.

So, until those girls are found, I propose a toast to all the nice guys. You know who you are, and I know you’re sick of hearing yourself described as ubiquitously nice. But the truth of the matter is, the world needs your patience in the department store, your holding open of doors, your party escorting services, your propensity to be a sucker for a pretty smile. For all the crazy, inane, absurd things you tolerate, for all the situations where you are the faceless, nameless hero, my accolades, my acknowledgement, and my gratitude go out to you. You do have credibility in this society, and your well deserved vindication is coming.

Fu-zu Jen, SEAS/WH, 2003

Friday, October 09, 2009

Surfing the wave!

Guess what I found in my inbox this morning? :) Image Hosted by
Anyone got wave yet? Let me know. It sucks to not have people to talk to anywhere. >_< And I dont have any invites yet… :(

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Feed the monster within

It’s what you’ve always wanted. You get it. And you’re not happy any more. All my life long, I’ve noticed that there’s a better joy in the expectation of something that the thing itself. Never fails. Human nature revels in the misery of longing. Every now and then the nostalgia hits me and floods my mind with a torrent of what-ifs. And I just think about a while, smile and move on. And I remind myself how happy I am with what I have now. But yet, I can’t help but want the feeling of wanting something again… I suppose I can be happy with that in a way too… It’s something that’s been in my head that’s just waiting to be put into words. But I can’t. It’s about my shiny techy toys. It’s about the cheesecake I want to try. It’s about the women in my life. It’s about the fact that I can never really be satisfied with something for too long.

I remember a certain blessing I heard when I was a kid…. May all your wishes come true, save one, so that you always have something to strive for. But yes, at the end of the day, I’m still happy with what I have. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling knowing it’s yours, and noone will appreciate it as much as you do, in quite the same way that you do.

So, tonight, I won’t think too much about my santa list of “I want”. I’m going to remind myself of what I have, and smile.

Good night. ^_^

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Meditiation. For a programmer, by a programmer.

My friend Jaguarnac, has come up with a very interesting idea about what meditation really is. Have a looksee. ^_^

"Meditation ! It’s all about the mind. in technical terms, it is a process of:
building a parser to parse yourself...."

Click Here to

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I feel so alive…

ATB’s out with his new album and I didn’t even know about it till now!

Image Hosted by


Future Memories is distinctly different from his previous work. It’s more energetic, and still retains ATB’s trademark dream-like sounds.

Get your hands on a copy. It’s worth it. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shine on...

My best friend's come first in her college, and I am happy for her!!

Shine on, you diamond!

Fruit Beer

So let me get this straight....
Fruit beer contains no fruit, fruit beer contains no alcohol.
So what should I make of it?

Monday, September 07, 2009

My Life According To Infected Mushroom

Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on if you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to [band name]".

Pick Your Artist:
Infected Mushroom

Are you a male or female?
Angel Johnatan

Describe yourself.

How do you feel?
Deeply Disturbed

Describe where you currently live.
Elation Station

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Sailing in the Sea of Mushrooms

Your best friend is...
The Beauty and The Beast

You and your best friends are...
Gamma Goblins

What's the weather like?
Semi Nice

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
Converting Vegetarians

What is life to you?

Your last relationship was...
You Don’t Exist

Your current relationship is...

Your fear is...
Scorpion Frog

What is the best advice you have to give?
Forgive Me

How would you like to die?
Power of Celtics

My soul's present condition is...
Dancing with Kadafi

My motto is...
Becoming Insane

I’d love to tag everyone who visits my blog. :D Drop me a line once you’ve done this tag. :D

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Corporate World


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag ur friends
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

Slave - Prince

Action - Taniuchi Hideki

Super Electric - Bomfunk MC's

Turn Me On – Norah Jones

Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart – The Supremes

Top Of The World – Van Halen

All Of Me – Frank Sinatra

9.WHAT IS 2 + 2?
An Airminded Executive – Glen Miller

Nexus – Electric Universe

Poor Hamster – Louis Gentle

Junk Food – Life Extension

The Empire Strikes Back – John Williams

Oktokopler – ACD Quality

It Was A Very Good Year – Frank Sinatra

Piece Of Mind – Madeline Puckette

Move Away – Skazi

It’s My Turn To Fly – Greame Revell

silver Screen (Shower Scene) – Felix Da Housecat

Everything – Michael Bublé

Corporate World – Dust Brothers


Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like A Pussy.



This is here on my blog simply coz bloddy refuses to work properly on my mobile phone.






Yogendra Singh Yadav



Who Was He?

Yogendra Singh Yadav was a member of an Indian grenadier battalion during a conflict with Pakistan in 1999. Their mission was to climb "Tiger Hill" (actually a big-ass mountain), and neutralize the three enemy bunkers at the top. Unfortunately, this meant climbing up a sheer hundred-foot cliff-face of solid ice. Since they didn't want to all climb up one at a time with ice-axes, they decided they'd send one guy up, and he'd fasten the ropes to the cliff as he went, so everyone else could climb up the sissy way. Yadav, being awesome, volunteered.



Half way up the icy cliff-o'-doom, enemies stationed on an adjacent mountain opened fire, shooting them with an RPG, then spraying assault-rifle fire all over the cliff. Half his squad was killed, including the commander, and the rest were scattered and disorganized. Yadav, in spite of being shot three times, kept climbing.

When he reached the top, one of the target bunkers opened fire on him with machine guns. Yadav ran toward the hail of bullets, pitched a grenade in the window and killed everyone inside. By this point the second bunker had a clear shot and opened fire, so he ran at them, taking bullets while he did, and killed the four heavily-armed men inside with his bare hands.

Meanwhile, the remainder of his squad was standing at the top of the cliff staring at him saying, "dude, holy shit!" They then all went and took the third bunker with little trouble.

For his gallantry and sheer ballsiness, he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest military award. Unlike the Medal of Honor, the Param Vir Chakra is only given for "rarest of the rare gallantry which is beyond the call of duty and which in normal life is considered impossible to do." That's right, you actually have to break the laws of reality just to be eligible.

And we imagine the medal looks like two, brass testicles.

It has only been awarded 21 times, and two thirds of the people who earned it died in the process. It was initially reported that Yadav had as well, but it turns out that they just mistook him for someone less badass. Or they just figured no real human being could survive a broken leg, shattered arm and 10-15 fresh bullet holes in one sitting.

The best Hollywood could come up with:

John McClane (Bruce Wilis) from Die Hard:

Why it Doesn't Compare:

McClane has a fairly impressive resume of badassery, climbing through elevator shafts and killing terrorists with his bare hands, much like Yadav, except Yadav took more bullets in 10 minutes than McClane did in the entire series without even slowing down. Plus, he was fucking 19-years-old! Try to imagine a high school Bruce Willis screaming, "yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Court of law?

I love it how the UAE government doesn’t beat around the bush. In Dubai, they have what is called the Department of Public Prosecution. :D


Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Things


Don’t you love it when you see weird stuff on the road, and you thank your stars that you have a camera phone to capture it?

Here’s three of my recent photos. ^_^

So this is how I’m served my coffee at barista… >_<



I don’t think they do any decent business…. >_<

I wonder how their kids feel walking around with that name?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guilty until Pronounced Innocent

Asked someone to marry you?
Guilty as charged!!! :P

Kissed one of your Facebook friends?
Guilty as charged.

Danced on a table in a bar?
Guilty as charged.

Ever told a lie?
Guilty as charged.

Had feelings for someone whom you can't have back?
Guilty as charged.

Ever kissed someone of the same sex?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Kissed a picture?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Slept in until 5 PM?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Fallen asleep at work/school?
Guilty as charged.

Held a snake?
Guilty as charged.

Been suspended from school?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Worked at a fast food restaurant?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Stolen from a store?
Guilty as charged.

Been fired from a job?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Done something you regret?
Guilty as charged. :(

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
I’m Innocent I tells ya! (Yeh I’ve still never been in snowfall. :( )

Kissed in the rain?
Yes Yes Yes ^_^

Sat on a roof top?
Guilty as charged. Got lost on my roof once. :P

Kissed someone you shouldn't?
Guilty as charged.

Sang in the shower?
Serial Offender.

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

Shaved your head?

Slept naked?

Had a boxing membership?
Innocent. (Why??)

Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
Innocent. :)

Been in a band?

Shot a gun?

Donated Blood?

Eaten alligator meat?

Eaten cheesecake?
Guilty. But still feel good about it. :)

Still love someone you shouldn't?

Have/had a tattoo?
Innocent. Wish I hadn’t passed up the opportunity.

Liked someone, but will never tell who?

Been too honest?

Ruined a surprise?
Guilty. And thins all started going downhill from there.

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you cant walk afterwards?
I’m Innocent I tells ya!

Erased someone in your friends list?
Guilty. Very. :)

Dressed in a woman's clothes (if you're a guy) or man's clothes (if you're a girl)?
Guilty. Don’t ask.

Joined a pageant?

Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?

Had communication w/ your ex?

Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?

Get totally angry that you cried so hard?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

100 Essential skills for Geeks


Taken from without permission. Go fuck yourselves if you can’t let me have a bit of fun.



So I came across this article, and thought, Hey, lets see how many I get. I’m scared now.

100 Essential Skills for Geeks

Image: jepoirrier

As Geeks we are expected to have a certain set of skills that the majority of the population does not possess. This list is by no means complete, but I think it is a good sample of the skills required to be a true geek. I won’t pretend to have all the skills listed here. I even had to Google a few of them.

Like all good Geeks you should be able to utilize resources to accomplish any of these things. Knowing where to look for the knowledge is as good as having it so give yourself points if you are certain that you could Google the knowledge necessary for a skill.

  1. Properly secure a wireless router.  
  2. Crack the WEP key on a wireless router.
  3. Leech Wifi from your neighbor.
  4. Screw with Wifi leeches.
  5. Setup and use a VPN.
  6. Work from home or a coffee shop as effectively as you do at the office.
  7. Wire your own home with Ethernet cable.
  8. Turn a web camera into security camera.
  9. Use your 3G phone as a Wi-Fi access point.
  10. Understand what “There’s no Place Like″ means.
  11. Identify key-loggers.
  12. Properly connect a TV, Tivo, XBox, Wii, and Apple TV so they all work together with the one remote.
  13. Program a universal remote.
  14. Swap out the battery on your iPod/iPhone.
  15. Benchmark Your Computer
  16. Identify all computer components on sight.
  17. Know which parts to order from, and how to assemble them into a working PC.
  18. Troubleshoot any computer/gadget problem, over the phone.
  19. Use any piece of technology intuitively, without instruction or prior knowledge.
  20. How to irrecoverably protect data.
  21. Recover data from a dead hard drive.
  22. Share a printer between a Mac and a PC on a network.
  23. Install a Linux distribution. (Hint: Ubuntu 9.04 is easier than installing Windows)
  24. Remove a virus from a computer.
  25. Dual (or more) boot a computer.
  26. Boot a computer off a thumb drive.
  27. Boot a computer off a network drive.
  28. Replace or repair a laptop keyboard.
  29. Run more than two monitors on a single computer.
  30. Successfully disassemble and reassemble a laptop.
  31. Know at least 10 software easter eggs off the top of your head.
  32. Bypass a computer password on all major operating systems
  33. Carrying a computer cleaning arsenal on your USB drive.
  34. Bypass content filters on public computers.
  35. Protect your privacy when using a public computer.
  36. Surf the web anonymously from home.
  37. Buy a domain, configure bind, apache, MySQL, php, and Wordpress without Googling a how-to.
  38. Basic *nix command shell knowledge with the ability to edit and save a file with vi.
  39. Create a web site using vi.
  40. Transcode a DVD to play on a portable device.
  41. Hide a File Behind a JPEG.
  42. Knowing the answer to life, the universe and everything.  [rofl I love this one. If you don’t get it, sucks to be you. :)]
  43. Share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple computers without a KVM switch.
  44. Google obscure facts in under 3 searches. Bonus point if you can use I Feel Lucky.
  45. Build amazing structures with LEGO and invent a compelling back story for the creation.
  46. Understand that it is LEGO, not Lego, Legos, or Lego’s.
  47. Build a two story house out of LEGO, in monochrome, with a balcony.
  48. Construct a costume for you or your kid out of scraps, duct tape, paper mâché, and imagination.
  49. Be able to pick a lock.
  50. Determine the combination of a Master combination padlock in under 10 minutes.
  51. Assemble IKEA furniture without looking at the instructions. Bonus point if you don’t have to backtrack.
  52. Use a digital SLR in full manual mode.
  53. Do cool things to Altoids tins.
  54. Be able to construct paper craft versions of space ships.
  55. Origami! Bonus point for duct tape origami. (Ductigami)
  56. Fix anything with duct tape, chewing gum and wire.
  57. Knowing how to avoid being eaten by a grue.
  58. Know what a grue is.
  59. Understand wherre XYZZY came from, and have used it.
  60. Play any SNES game on your computer through an emulator.
  61. Burn the rope.
  62. Know the Konami code, and where to use it.
  63. Whistle, hum, or play on an iPhone, the Cantina song.
  64. Learning to play the theme songs to the kids favorite TV shows.
  65. Solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  66. Calculate THAC0.
  67. Know the difference between skills and traits.
  68. Explain special relativity in terms an eight-year-old can grasp.
  69. Recite pi to 10 places or more.
  70. Be able to calculate tip and split the check, all in your head.
  71. Explain that the colours in a rainbow are roygbiv.
  72. Understand the electromagnetic spectrum - xray, uv, visible, infrared, microwave, radio.
  73. Know the difference between radiation and radioactive contamination.
  74. Understand basic electronics components like resistors, capacitors, inductors and transistors.
  75. Solder a circuit while bottle feeding an infant. (lead free solder please.)
  76. The meaning of technical acronyms.
  77. The coffee dash, blindfolded (or blurry eyed). Coffee <brew> [cream] [sugar]. In under a minute.
  78. Build a fighting robot.
  79. Program a fighting robot.
  80. Build a failsafe into a fighting robot so it doesn’t kill you.
  81. Be able to trace the Fellowship’s journey on a map of Middle Earth.
  82. Know all the names of the Dwarves in The Hobbit.
  83. Understand the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.
  84. Know where your towel is and why it is important.
  85. Re-enact the parrot sketch.
  86. Know the words to The Lumberjack Song.
  87. Reciting key scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  88. Be able to recite at least one Geek Movie word for word.
  89. Know what the 8th Chevron does on a Stargate and how much power is required to get a lock.
  90. Be able to explain why it’s important that Han shot first.
  91. Know why it is just wrong for Luke and Leia to kiss.
  92. Stop talking Star Wars long enough to get laid.
  93. The ability to name actors, characters and plotlines from the majority of sci-fi movies produced since 1968.
  94. Cite Mythbusters when debunking a myth or urban legend.
  95. Sleep with a Cricket bat next to your bed.
  96. Have a documented plan on what to do during a zombie or robot uprising.
  97. Identify evil alternate universe versions of friends, family, co-workers or self.
  98. Be able to convince TSA that the electronic parts you are carrying are really not a threat to passengers.
  99. Talk about things that aren’t tech related.
  100. Get something on the front page of Digg.




That’s 13 things I can’t/haven’t done. 87 FTW!

Can you top that? ^_^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It has begun!

It figures that it should rain the first day I step out without an
umbrella. ^_^ That's called consistency. :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kerala Beans wut?



This is something I won’t be able to figure out for a long time… Check out the green url that brought this visitor to my blog. O_O

Free Image Hosting at

Explainations are very welcome! >_<

WHY on Earth is someone even searching for that???

Good Night


This has to be _THE_ geekiest good night message I’ve ever composed. >_<


Have you ever wished anyone in XML? This is how my message went:

<greeting type= “night” hugs=”warm”,”lovable”,”cuddly” grope=”none” love=”lots”>
Sleep Well! Good Night!


Weird, I know. In any case, Good night, everyone!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Breaking the habit?

taurius1                      waht's your favorite song right now?
rosie                          ummmmmmmm.
rosie                          let me think
taurius1                      lol!
rosie                          .......breaking the habit
taurius1                      Linkin Park?
taurius1                      O_O
taurius1                      you're 14, aren't you?
taurius1                      :P
rosie                          how do u know not 14… is oh daily flog?
rosie                          tht i am 14
rosie                          hello dear
rosie                          r u there?
taurius1                      Yeh I’m here >_<
rosie                          i am 13 not 14 will beacom 14 on 16th june

Some internet memes are just true…..

Saturday, June 06, 2009


I just pwned myself in chat. :(


me: hello sir ^_^

Sarita: hello ma'am

me: sup? :)

Sarita: work

me: aaah

have you ever had cheese in a can?

Sarita: umm... in a can..
what kind?

me: fun kind ^_^
open our mouth, push the button
and omg! mouth full of cheese!   

Sarita: oh well
A moment on your lips, forever on your hips!

me: Heh. Not for me. :P
im not the girl in the conversation here :P
oh wait
Scrolls up
yeh.... damn. :(

Error: Inbox Full!

I found an old poem of mine from way back in 1995. Kids, when I was your age, hotmail only offered 2 MB of storage space.

Image Hosted by

So here it is, sung to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down…


My Hotmail 'box is clogging up, clogging up, clogging up.
My Hotmail 'box is clogging up, tis just 2 MB....

Filled up with porn 'n spam, porn 'n spam, porn 'n spam.
Filled up with porn 'n spam, tis just 2 MB...

Sent a letter to Bill Gates, to Bill Gates, to Bill Gates.
Sent a letter to Bill Gates...

Error: Mailbox Full

Friday, June 05, 2009


Microsoft has launched it’s new Search service called Bing!. It’s been rather low key but I suppose the advertising will be stepped up now. It’s replaced the older Live Search service, and the difference is very noticeable.

Click on the screenshot to go to the page:



Image Hosted by


So I tried it out. It seems to work fast enough. Faster than Google. Cleaner interface. A bit too unpolished by web 2.0 standards, though. Might almost seem like a generic spam site search result page, except that it’s all relevant results. But one fact is putting me off it totally. Content filtering.

I’m not allowed to access search results that may return sexual material, among other stuff. And there’s no way to turn the censor off, cept to change your local regional settings. And if a single censor is in place, I don’t want to even bother figure out how many others might be there. I suppose the UAE region will have even more content filtering that doesn’t let me view search results about the occult or magic, or anything anti-Muslim. Their current nation-wide internet censor doesn’t.

*sigh* It was a good idea till they had to censor content. Meuh. When will they ever learn? Censorship is never the answer! Stop killing information! Good information or bad information. In the end, it’s all going to make you wiser. <_<

So now, I’ll get back to my Google. Am anxiously waiting for Wave to go live. :)

EDIT: In the interest of how much I hate censorship, I shall NOT be using Bing any more. Link to the page from this post has been removed.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Opera 10 Beta with turbo!!



IT’s here!!! Opera 10. Faster than ever. Even on your crappy phone internet connection or at the mall with a thousand people eating into the shared 512kbps line. :P


Try it out. ^_^

Download Opera, the fastest and most secure browser


Cool button, ne? ^_^

It’s shiny. AND it remembers all the passwords I’ve got stored in my wand. And I have a LOT of places I log into. :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Toss the feathers

I got hold of the entire videography and discography of The Corrs for a friend. At random, I played a song from the performances folder. It made me cry. Dunno why. Have a look. It’s beautiful.


I haven’t enjoyed music this much since I discovered ATB. O_O

Bunny Porn!!


Close your eyes! Teh Bunnies are doing it like, well, like bunnies. –_-“




bunny porn

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If I really like someone...

"If I really like someone - like you - I want to see you fulfilled,
stretching your limits, watching your growth. If I put a lid on all
the interactions with other people, I stifle you and soon you'll
resent me and what I represent because you'll feel that loss too."

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Spy.

What is arguably most anticipated update for Team Fortress 2 is finally here!

The spy update has been released.The only reason I’m making a blog post about it is coz I’m waiting for my client to finish patching. :)

It should be awesome. If you don’t believe me, look at the update trailer here:


Any of you play TF2? It’s getting boring playing with random people I don’t know most of the time.


In other news, my exams are goin on decently well enough. Decent = me no want to go on a killing spree.

On the bright side, I’ve got a nice new movie to look forward to. 2 points if you guess where this is from:


Click for the bigger picture


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fear me



This organism is called a cat.

I will leave you alone in a room with this cat for 24 hours with the door locked.

If you survive, you shall fear nothing anymore.


Except the cat.



[Quote has been blatantly ripped from archon256’s status message]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I need M&Ms... Lots of M&Ms…


You remember the scene from The Matrix where Neo walks into a building with a bag full of guns? Now imagine that bag filled with chocolates. That is what I have right now. :D




My Birthday has left me in the possession of:

2 x Lindt Limdor Chocolate Truffles
1 x 12 pack of 4 finger Kit-Kats
1 x 500 gm Pack of M&Ms
2 x Toblerone Miniatures
2 x Twix Miniatures
2 x 24-pack of Ferrero Rondnoir
1 x After Eight
6 x Liquer chocolate bars including a Remy Martin. ^_^

In addition to this, there is a jar full of awesome cookies, and about 3 kilos of coffee beans of flavours including Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Chocolate and single origin coffees from Sumatra and Columbia. This, in addition to the Kilo of coffee redeff gifted me already. I think I have enough coffee to last me 2 years!!!

*Sigh* Fun birthday, ne?


Now, who wants to help me finish off all this stuff???

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not such a bad day after all.

My birthday wasn't so bad after all. Sure I spent it's first few hours
without electricity, but I had other things on my mind. The exam
tomorrow being the last of them. The best wish I got had already
happened at about half past eleven.

The first gift was amazing. Got the Orange Box from shunal and ishan.
Next gift I bought myself. A Razer Salmosa. The mouse is sweet. I
definitely won't shy away from buying expensive mice now. The change
in the way I use the mouse is amazing.

Next gift. Mom and Dad gifted me a couple of smart teeshirts, gorgeous
Lindt chocolate, and some spending money. That goes straight to my
savings stash.

Highlight of the day had to be the lunch. Chicken Biriyani, Roast
Chicken, Ceasar salad. Desert was a monstrous sizzling brownie sundae
that required a litre of vanilla icecream to finish off. :D

More gifts to arrive soon. Family's arriving from Dubai this evening. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This means war!!

Somewhere, Scrawled on a portrait aboard a ship sailin’ the 7 seas in the ship o’ Facebook….

Scrawled by Tanvi Gandhi 'round about 1:29 in the evenin' Month o' May 15

Omg, this is really a gorgeous picture! Wow your skin is practically glowing =)

Scrawled by Paroma Bhattacharya 'round about 1:45 in the evenin' Month o' May 15

Aww thank you Tanvi!:-D..glow n all've you been?:).

Scrawled by Mihir Pathare 'round about 2:20 in the evenin' Month o' May 15


Scrawled by Paroma Bhattacharya 'round about 2:54 in the evenin' Month o' May 15

Go fly a kite.

Scrawled by Mihir Pathare 'round about 2:57 in the evenin' Month o' May 15


Of course you know, this mean war!!

*dons his watermelon helmet*

Scrawled by Paroma Bhattacharya 'round about 10:59 in the evenin' Month o' May 15

Let’s not fight here. might get ugly. The inbox is a good place to keep the fight. *dons her real helmet n heads to the inbox arena*..


Back in the ol’ bottle o’ Messages….

cat-watermelon-helmet-img129d   V/S        Kevlar Helmet, Military - Front


Mihir Pathare

T'day upon the hour of 12:34 in the mornin'

So... What's a chick like you doin’ wearing a helmet like that?

Paroma Bhattacharya

T'day upon the hour of 12:38 in the mornin'

How do you know what my helmet is like… n what does that mean.. Chick like you..humph!..

Mihir Pathare

T'day upon the hour of 12:45 in the mornin'

Darlin.... if it's not watermelon,

You won't look like a felon.

The tacky thing you put on your head,

It’s a regular helmet, just like you said.

A chick like you shouldn't sulk and fume.

Now take off the head piece n' lets sing my tune.


Paroma Bhattacharya

T'day upon the hour of 11:26 in the mornin'

Your logic is weird n strangely bizarre,

Helmet, no helmet, I’m still a girly girl yaar.

Maybe you just like watermelons or anything edible,

Now go make a helmet that’s real n credible.

Mihir Pathare

T'day upon the hour of 11:41 in the mornin'

But watermelon hats are the need of the hour!

The heat in the city is cruel by far.

Your helmet might save you from a bullet to the head.

But my watermelon helmet keeps me cool instead.

Paroma Bhattacharya

T'day upon the hour of 12:08 in the evenin'

Clearly our priorities are different my friend,

You prevent the heat, I prevent the end.

The heat can be avoided by other ways and means,

Like cold coffee for instance, n some yummy jelly beans.

Mihir Pathare

T'day upon the hour of 12:13 in the evenin'

Cold coffee is a nice enough thing.

It's made me rhyme, it's made me sing.

But you forget the issue that started last night.

You were here to put up a fight!

Paroma Bhattacharya

T'day upon the hour of 12:34 in the evenin'

Fights serve no purpose, waste of energy and time,

I’d rather go out and sip on sweet lime.

And as for the issue, Photoshop? sir!

I can’t help it if my pictures create quite a stir!:-P..

Mihir Pathare

T'day upon the hour of 12:44 in the evenin'

Sweet lime is passé, get with the beat.

Watermelon grenadine is the way to beat the heat.

'Tis a special recipe my grandmother passed on to me.

She said she learnt it at a Buddhist monastery.

Inconvenience Regretted

Big inconvenience, indeed. Spotted at Inorbit Mall, Malad, Bombay.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi . A quick introduction.

“Hi .Mihir 
A quick introduction. I am Sunaina working at Breakthrough, Delhi. your  post "sex me up" is most interestingly written&very sensitively deals with the most pertinent issue of sex education and HIV And you have managed to put the issue in focus quite well//What comes through is the concern you have exhibited for this issue.//

bellbajaoBreakthrough conducts a very vibrant and robust education programme for youth and community leaders, who we believe will be catalysts for change. Our trainings mostly centre around women's rights, HIV/AIDS and sexuality. And we believe that experiences from the field need to be documented and highlighted.

Well, I work on a youth oriented site called and would love for you to blog on it. Like I've already mentioned, we have posts very similar to yours, talking about grassroot level experiences both from within and without - in a category called "Rural Window".

Please visit the site and do write back to me about your thoughts on the campaign.And if you're interested, do blog on the site as well. And if you're a regular blogger, we'd be happy to put you on our blogroll and crosslink your blog page on our site.
Thanks and hoping to hear from you,
Sunaina Bhakhri “


I found this in my inbox this evening. It’s obvisouly a copy-paste job to get more writers for their website. A simple google search of the 1st dozen or so words will confirm this.

I usually always ignore spam-style attempts at drawing hits and contributions. But I wonder. Does the fact that this has been done by an NGO make it any more acceptable according to the arbitrary bunch of rules in my head?

HM…. I always avoid serious issues. Gives me a headache and a near suicidal feeling trying to convince anyone about something that seems like common sense and good practice to me.

Should I follow up on the request?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The white flowers bloomed,
And the birds sang their tune,
The stormy skies cleared up in no time.
I had a nice day,
All my worries melted away,
All because you smiled.

The bus wasn't late,
I made it to the college gate,
The lucky break came my way when I tried.
The coffee was the best I smelt,
The ice cream refused to melt,
This was only because you smiled.

The problems don't worry me,
The schedules don't hurry me,
My life's boat is sailing gentle tides.
The song in my heart,
The dance I wanna start,
All because you smiled.

The story of two souls,
Of how we lost control,
Why being with you drives me wild.
It started that day,
When you looked my way,
It happened because you smiled.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guitar Hero FTW!!

I got guitar hero!!!! :D


In other news, I have a big box of Chocos – Guitar Hero(tm) Pack to finish off. *munch munch*

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