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Why don’t mosquitoes bite me?

Keep Away From The Cyanide… Entertaining the people everywhere…

5800 music library won’t refresh

Guess what?

ZOMG I'm pirating musics!

Oh look! Retards on the road!

Iced Tea

Management of Information Systems

Guess what?

FYI = For Your Information

Assured gifts?

Google DNS

Viva Voce

I Command Thee

Who am I? I’m a geek.

Wub wub?

These points of data make a beautiful line…

Random Photos…


Nom! Nom! Nom!

Ode to the Nice Guys

Save the cheerleader

Surfing the wave!

Feed the monster within

Meditiation. For a programmer, by a programmer.

I feel so alive…

Shine on...

Fruit Beer

My Life According To Infected Mushroom

Corporate World

5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like A Pussy.

Court of law?

Random Things

Guilty until Pronounced Innocent

100 Essential skills for Geeks

It has begun!

Kerala Beans wut?

Good Night

Breaking the habit?


Error: Inbox Full!


New Opera 10 Beta with turbo!!

My ISP is routing through hell!!!

Educational Toy Fail

Toss the feathers

Bunny Porn!!

If I really like someone...

I Spy.

Fear me

I need M&Ms... Lots of M&Ms…

Rock Bottom.

Not such a bad day after all.

This means war!!

Inconvenience Regretted

Hi . A quick introduction.


Guitar Hero FTW!!