Saturday, June 20, 2009

It has begun!

It figures that it should rain the first day I step out without an
umbrella. ^_^ That's called consistency. :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kerala Beans wut?



This is something I won’t be able to figure out for a long time… Check out the green url that brought this visitor to my blog. O_O

Free Image Hosting at

Explainations are very welcome! >_<

WHY on Earth is someone even searching for that???

Good Night


This has to be _THE_ geekiest good night message I’ve ever composed. >_<


Have you ever wished anyone in XML? This is how my message went:

<greeting type= “night” hugs=”warm”,”lovable”,”cuddly” grope=”none” love=”lots”>
Sleep Well! Good Night!


Weird, I know. In any case, Good night, everyone!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Breaking the habit?

taurius1                      waht's your favorite song right now?
rosie                          ummmmmmmm.
rosie                          let me think
taurius1                      lol!
rosie                          .......breaking the habit
taurius1                      Linkin Park?
taurius1                      O_O
taurius1                      you're 14, aren't you?
taurius1                      :P
rosie                          how do u know not 14… is oh daily flog?
rosie                          tht i am 14
rosie                          hello dear
rosie                          r u there?
taurius1                      Yeh I’m here >_<
rosie                          i am 13 not 14 will beacom 14 on 16th june

Some internet memes are just true…..

Saturday, June 06, 2009


I just pwned myself in chat. :(


me: hello sir ^_^

Sarita: hello ma'am

me: sup? :)

Sarita: work

me: aaah

have you ever had cheese in a can?

Sarita: umm... in a can..
what kind?

me: fun kind ^_^
open our mouth, push the button
and omg! mouth full of cheese!   

Sarita: oh well
A moment on your lips, forever on your hips!

me: Heh. Not for me. :P
im not the girl in the conversation here :P
oh wait
Scrolls up
yeh.... damn. :(

Error: Inbox Full!

I found an old poem of mine from way back in 1995. Kids, when I was your age, hotmail only offered 2 MB of storage space.

Image Hosted by

So here it is, sung to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down…


My Hotmail 'box is clogging up, clogging up, clogging up.
My Hotmail 'box is clogging up, tis just 2 MB....

Filled up with porn 'n spam, porn 'n spam, porn 'n spam.
Filled up with porn 'n spam, tis just 2 MB...

Sent a letter to Bill Gates, to Bill Gates, to Bill Gates.
Sent a letter to Bill Gates...

Error: Mailbox Full

Friday, June 05, 2009


Microsoft has launched it’s new Search service called Bing!. It’s been rather low key but I suppose the advertising will be stepped up now. It’s replaced the older Live Search service, and the difference is very noticeable.

Click on the screenshot to go to the page:



Image Hosted by


So I tried it out. It seems to work fast enough. Faster than Google. Cleaner interface. A bit too unpolished by web 2.0 standards, though. Might almost seem like a generic spam site search result page, except that it’s all relevant results. But one fact is putting me off it totally. Content filtering.

I’m not allowed to access search results that may return sexual material, among other stuff. And there’s no way to turn the censor off, cept to change your local regional settings. And if a single censor is in place, I don’t want to even bother figure out how many others might be there. I suppose the UAE region will have even more content filtering that doesn’t let me view search results about the occult or magic, or anything anti-Muslim. Their current nation-wide internet censor doesn’t.

*sigh* It was a good idea till they had to censor content. Meuh. When will they ever learn? Censorship is never the answer! Stop killing information! Good information or bad information. In the end, it’s all going to make you wiser. <_<

So now, I’ll get back to my Google. Am anxiously waiting for Wave to go live. :)

EDIT: In the interest of how much I hate censorship, I shall NOT be using Bing any more. Link to the page from this post has been removed.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Opera 10 Beta with turbo!!



IT’s here!!! Opera 10. Faster than ever. Even on your crappy phone internet connection or at the mall with a thousand people eating into the shared 512kbps line. :P


Try it out. ^_^

Download Opera, the fastest and most secure browser


Cool button, ne? ^_^

It’s shiny. AND it remembers all the passwords I’ve got stored in my wand. And I have a LOT of places I log into. :D

Search the web


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