Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why don’t mosquitoes bite me?

( aka why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others? )

I’ve never had too many problems with mosquitoes. The biggest complaint I’ve had about them is that they buzz around near my head at night. They never seem to bite me. At least that used to be the case.

Mosquitoes DID in fact, start biting me these last few weeks. Strangely enough, I’d also cut down on my caffeine intake to almost zero. I was wondering if it was related in any way.


A bit of research online, which I won’t bother linking over here, has led to a new revelation.
Caffeine consumption is good to ward off mosquitoes. That’s right. That early morning cup of java could help you avoid malaria and the likes.

How? Here’s how. Caffeine in the blood stream prevents breakdown of thiamine aka vitamin B1. Presence of thiamine in the blood acts as a repulsive agent towards mosquitoes. I have switched back to my high caffeine diet immediately.

Now the consequences of the non-breakdown-age of thiamine might has it’s own health problems, but I’ll leave that for you guys to find out. I’m just happy mosquitoes don’t bite me.

Here’s another question. Why does my dad have mosquito bite problems when he has two~three cups of coffee a day? I think the answer lies in the fact that my coffee is based on freshly brewed espressos, and his is instant coffee. That’s not even real coffee anyway. So I guess the potency of the coffee makes a difference. :)

Sleep tight! ^_^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keep Away From The Cyanide… Entertaining the people everywhere…

So I’m lookin at my logs today. I notice something. Something wierd.

This link led someone from Saudi Arabia to This Page on My Blog.

It’s nice to know my blog is providing some form of entertainment to the people in Saudi Arabia. After all,, where else would they get hot oral photos?? :D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5800 music library won’t refresh

My 5800, like any old symbian phone, refuses to work properly. Point in case: music library refuses to refresh. Podcasting application refuses to start up. In both cases, a mid of a small procedure in windows does the trick.

Solution? I got this from nokia forums. Works like a charm.

Image Hosted by

1. Connect your 5800 to you PC in Mass Storage Mode OR connect the microSD to your PC via a Memory card reader'/adapter.

2. On your PC you will need to have allowed to "Show" hidden files, do this from Explorer/Tools/ Folder Options/ View and select "Show hidden files and Folder"

3. Open your SD memory card/Removable Disk in My Computer on PC

4. Right click anywhere in the contents of the SD card/Removable disk. Click on Properties. Find the Tools tab. There, under Error Checking, click on Check Now... Put check marks on both options. Start the disk check. Wait for it to finish. You might get a dialogue box saying "Some errors have been found and fixed....". This is of no consequence. Proceed to next step.

5. Go to E:\Private there you will see 3 folders 101f8857, 101ffca9 and 10281e17 .

6. Go to E:\Private\101f8857\Cache\E there you will see .dat files. Delete all the .dat file BUT NOT the E Folder.

7. Now go to E:\Private\101ffca9 there you will see another .dat file, Delete the dat file NOT the folder.
8. Finally go to E:\Private\10281e17 There you should see 4 files 2 are Mp3 files other are Podcast files. Delete mpxv2_2.db & mpxv2_2.db-journal for Mp3 files list and Delete pcv6_1.db & pcv6_1.db-journal for Podcast files list.

9. Close all windows and restart your Phone. Go to Music Library and it should automatically start a refresh.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

ZOMG I'm pirating musics!

Since all the torrent trackers are goin down one by one... here's a new neat way to share your music.

How ? This is how:

Click here for image

Easy. Save the image to your PC. Open it up in Photoshop. Save as a RAW file with 0 header and same dimensions. Rename the extension to *.m4a

Enjoy. ^_^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh look! Retards on the road!

So one of my neighbors’ sons is getting married. Oh joy. Like all other delusional retards, he thinks it’s a good thing to capture the road outside the house by setting up a Mandap, calling the full brass band and dancing chickens to cluck cluck their way all the way from the chapel to their house. Yes. Did I mention they’re Christians? Yeh. Even I thought they had decent quiet functions and stuff and stuff. <_<

So today is the second day of the festivities. The groom brought the bride home today. I’m not even sure if it’s his house. The idiotic neighbour manages to bring every idiot from his village whenever they get married.

Idiotic neighbour: “O dun wory gais! I has a road outside mai house we can captures!”
Village idiots: “Hoorah! Hooray! Lets start the noise!”

Meuh. People need to learn to be more civil. Oh wait. One thing I should mention. Just so that noone thinks I’m being too critical of them, I would like to point out that I commend them for shutting off their brass band and noise at midnight yesterday. Only 2 hours after the deadline. Nice! The previous bunch of idiots who got married had their drunken revelry on until 2 am. <_<

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iced Tea

I love my coffee. But every now and then, like when I can’t sleep two nights in a row, I prefer to switch to iced teas. So iced tea might sound like a fancy thing, but it’s really very simple. If you’ve never made iced tea on your home before, you should try it this evening. Quite possibly, you might feel stupid getting your fix of iced tea from your local cafe for about a hundred bucks.


What you need:

12~14 ice cubes
1 1/2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of tea powder
1 Lemon. Halved.
Powdered Sugar (If you think you need it)
Alternate to sugar suggested
Fruit juice concentrate like strawberry, blueberry, mango or any flavour you fancy.
Tall glass
Sprig of mint for garnish
Straw, if you like sipping it that way. :)


How to do it:

Pour 1 1/2 cups of water in a steel vessel.
Bring the water to boil on a high flame.
When the water is boiling, toss in all the tea powder, and lower the flame before the water boils over. It usually takes less than a second, so be careful.
Turn the flame off in about 30 seconds ~ 1 minutes. The longer you leave the heat on with the tea in , the stronger is the tea flavour.

Once you have your tea, pour it through a sieve into a tall metal glass full with icecubes. Stir until the ice dissolves. If you want to add sugar, or juice concentrate add it now. I usually add about 1/4th cup of fruit concentrate. So by now, you should now have a pretty chilled iced tea.

In a transparent glass, dump the rest of the ice cubes. Pour the iced tea into this glass, place a sprig of mint on the top and serve. ^_^

There you have it. Easy. Simple. Fast.

You are welcome.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Management of Information Systems



Key to Success in any MIS paper. Make sure your answer has at least 7~8 of these words. You’re sure to get marks if you litter your answer with these words. P

manger's participation
production logistics
detailed design
information need
defining problem
Tasks and Activities
Information flow

Many thanks to Ishan for compiling this list. ^_^

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

FYI = For Your Information

FYI, this is what Sunday night Sundae should be. This, or something more fun.

Brownie a la mode


La Pièce de Résistance: Freshly Baked Brownies
The Awesomesauce: Fresh Hot Chocolate Almond Fudge [Haha! See what I did there?]
Honorable Mention: Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream



Saturday, December 05, 2009

Assured gifts?

A few months ago, I said goodbye to most of my best friends as they left the country to find greener pastures outside India. It made me pause and rethink what I am doing right now. I still can't help but wonder what's to become of me a few years down the line...

I want a magic formula for success. I want life to work out just that way I think it should. I want to not worry about making wrong decisions. I want to stay happy. I want to not stay stuck in one place while the rest of the world moves on... 

But I guess, at the end of the day, I just want. Lets see if I can change that to an "I got".

Google DNS

Google DNS is the latest free thing that Google has to offer. But the question is, how many people are buying it?


To put it simply, DNS is the internet switchboard that converts your web address (eg: ) into a server ip (eg: And no, that is not blogger’s ip, So don’t try it. So anyway, it’s long been traditionally the ISP’s role of providing a good and fast DNS. And most ISPs manage to get cheap and inefficient DNS that is not the best one you need. So Google has a brilliant idea of providing their own DNS.

They’re not the first ones to do it. OpenDNS has been around for a few years now, and they offer many more services than what Google currently does. But over time, who knows what they’ll bring to the table?

I’m trying out Google DNS as we speak. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in surfing speeds, but I haven’t conducted any proper comparison between my ISP’s DNS and Google Public DNS. Maybe I’ll get around to it soon. ^_^

EDIT: Just tried out different DNS servers. MTNL, OpenDNS and Google Public Server

There’s no noticeable difference between ping timings for most of the websites I visit. And from what it seems, websites hosted in India seem to respond about 2 or 3 ms faster with my ISP’s DSN than with Google’s DNS. But then again, that might be because they weren’t in Google’s cache and had to be fetched from another DNS server. All in all, I don’t see any reason to change my DNS server. If you’re paranoid about what Google does with your data, you might not want to change. If you get tired of the search result pages your ISP redirects you to incase of invalid URLs, you might want to change. But I don’t see the average user changing his DNS unless his ISP is blocking websites or the like. (MTNL DNS was incapable of resolving msn and msn related services for a few months.

For more information on Google Public DNS, and a tutorial to implement it on your own, Google Public DNS.

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