Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The voice in the haunting

I wasn't walking down the road. It wasn't a very remarkable road. Or perhaps I remember it because nothing about it really stood out.The usual random gnarled trees. Dead leaves littering the sides. The occasional candy wrapper on the dusty road. Nothing stood out. But then I heard the foot steps. I knew there was no one behind me. The Shadows were stalking me. I ignored them. The unremarkable road suddenly seemed to never end. Every step took me no closer to where I had to be. Anywhere away from the Shadows. One can never escape one's shadow, can he? The road was blurring. I had to get away from there. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

The hunger inside. I could feel it growing. I had to make it out. Anywhere away from the Shadows. They call out to me. I want to reply. I miss my friends. They will call out to you too. But you won't know. You can't have a conversation with a shadow, can you? But the Shadows, they talk to me. They seduce me with their talk of happiness and pain. They seduce me with their songs about brave heroes and their fallen Gods. They seduce me with their talk of princesses and their legions of slave concubines. They seduce me with their musings of idle poets in the Mad house of the Greek Kings long dead. I have to get out of their reach. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

The distortion is sweet. The songs are amazingly colourful now. The Browns in the Adiago! The Greens in every Tenor! The Purple Treble! The brilliant, brilliant Blue in the crescendo! I shudder when the music touches me. The Shadows know it too. They sing with the voices of the cursed sirens. I must steer clear of the Sirens, their enchanting song, their meadow starred with flowers. The Shadows only want to play for a while. It cannot hurt. Pain in nothing to them. I must flee. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

I always feel this way. The Shadows know me so well. I can see me as they see me. They see me the way I want to be seen. The darkness clouds much of what is true. And I hide in the darkness. the Shadows are waiting for me. At the edge of the darkness. I am alive. But only just. The Shadows give me life. I have to go. Anywhere away from the Shadows. The Shadows make my destiny. The Shadows guide my hand when I roll the die. The Shadows feed my soul. The Shadows sing the lullaby that puts me to sleep. I stay away from them. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. I am flying in the void of my existence. You don't have to say a word. I have enough voices in my head. A mad buzzing with the voices of scores of men. And women. All sweet. All sensual. All in love. With the Shadows. I can hear them clearly now. Their voices have the clarity of a philosopher high on his ganja. Only a mad man makes sense when the world is being consumed by nothing. Not nothing. By the Shadows. I have to break free. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

I am bound by shackles of lies. Lies we build to support our life. The lies that make the face we show the world. The lies that bind us in comfort. The lies that shame us. The lies we flaunt, because we all are shameless. The shackles are weak. But the freedom has a price. I know the price. The price is too high. And so the Shadow grows in the dark. The light has blinded those that walk in it's path. Only the Shadows remain. Only the Shadows. It makes me think of a nation. That is cold and grey. Anywhere away from the Shadows.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Did you ever reach for the endless? 

Did you ever miss your mindlessness? 

Can your heart sing the oracle's lament?

Will Time return the moments of togetherness you spent?

The power you know you seek is false.

Real power lies in the the the submissive waltz.

There's a future that you want to see.

Every time you think of me.

It wants you now. You want to give in.
Test your resolve. Succumb to sin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update WOW on rtkgaming

Since a whole lot of you are wondering how to do the update, here it is, step by step. {EDIT: Fixed the links to take you from 3.3.0 to 3.3.2

The servers have been updated, but are down for testing! Please be patient!

Please follow the Step by step for enGB version of patches!

First you download (copy paste into your browser)

Then u download (Copy/paste into ur browser) :

Then u download (Copy/paste into ur browser) :

Please follow the Step by step for enUS version of patches!

First you download (copy paste into your browser)

Then you download (cpopy paste into browser)

Then you download (Copy/paste into ur browser)

Install them, and you're done!

Gift me a cookie if this helped. ^_^

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