Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I get up every morning
And think out loud
Work's a big bore
I need to get out

Brew my cofee
Toast my bread
I think I should have
Something else instead. 


Deciding to drive,
I grab my keys
To the nearest MOD
Double quick, please!

I walk in the store
Seduced by the smell
Once I have a donut,
All will be well.

I eye the hazle dazzle
It was love at first sight
MOD reminds me.
It was love at first bite!

The purchase is made
The donut is served
I relish the flavour
It's what I deserve!

When life seems hectic
And work feels like a storm
The secret to a happy day
Is a Donut, delicious and warm.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Porcelain Dolls

Here's something I wrote when I was bored right now.

Little porcelain dolls.
It a house made of card.
Living porcelain lives
Some easy, some hard.

The Hand of Fate controlls.
Tells them what to do.
Living porcelain lives
like me, like you.

It takes a small tremor.
To make a porcelain doll crack.
Hold my porcelain hand.
Come, take me back.


The emptiness gets to you. You might deny it, but in the end, it always get to you. You realize that all you’ve done so far… it doesn’t matter anymore. No one cares. They never care. All you have with you is your sense of self worth and your toy trains running endlessly around a town as real as your perception of your importance in the larger scheme of things. You drink it away. You smoke it away. You shag it away.

But in the end, it always gets you.

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